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  • Sweet, haven't really played any demos in a while. Last thing I played was RE:5 (demo). Now I'm currently hooked on pokemon; need some moar Prince of Persia too <_<
    Holy shit it's been that long? Lol, I'm good in the hood man; just trying to enjoy my friday as much as possible. Yourself?
    My allergies have been kicking up as well. But my best friend Benedryl is always there for me! *holds up bottle*

    ....Crap, it's empty....

    Community service is good, but outside in the cold alone? That's no good at all. Why outside? Why alone?
    what easter colors? on my profile or sig? if its on my profile then why do you look at it? if its sig, then sorry. i dont even know when easter is. heck, i still thought it was valentine time..
    Best advice I can give you, is as soon as you do the heavy kick, do the motions for the super technique and as soon as you touch the ground, press punch. So you'll input the heavy kick, while she does the heavy kick, you quickly do the qcf+qcf and as soon as you hit the ground press punch.
    I would play you, but I need a wireless Adapter because my grandma has wireless internet. The cheapest one i've seen is 60 something dollars so I need to get paid so I get it and battle with you guys.
    Do as you will, mate. Its not like I have a patent on that story or anything...

    what do you mean double?
    i didnt double post or anything..? so what reason do you have for the negrep?
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