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Recent content by alchemist

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    Ask the KHinsider Staff: Birth by Sleep Trailer

    would there be any chance at finding a similar trailer for 358/2 Days but a lot longer then the one we have seen before
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    Ultima Weapon before Memory's Skyscraper

    ok i have seen some clips of the sora vs roxas fight from kh2 and in some of them i've seen using the Ultima Weapon keyblade and i'm wondering if anyone here knows how to get before you get to the area where sora fights roxas
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    what do you think

    what do you guys think about fighting both xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless at the same time like if they were the harder boss you had to fight against in kh2fm+ and that you have to face them with sora alone p.s. this is just an idea not something that will happen in the new game i just think...
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    How did Roxas betray the Organization?

    also ansem the wise said somewhere in the game that some of the members couldn't tell sora and roxas apart a exampleof this is when Demyx meets sora in Underworld before they fight he saids first thing he saids to him is roxas
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    today is my birthday and i am so happy i you get guys are all doing well :) :)
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    Could, Tifa, Leon, and Yuffie help!!

    this is what i did i waited until their hp was all down then i use sora's trinity limit as the finishing move and that's how i would beat them
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    twlight town Treasures

    i was wondering if one of you guys could give me the location for all the Treasures in twlight town cause i'm a little lost
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    what level did you beat septhroth at ?

    hi guys i just want to know what level did you beat septhroth at ? cause i beat him at level 68 even though it say to be at 80 or higher
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    dancer nobody

    does anyone know where i can find the nobody called dancer cause i need to get 6 more twilight stone to get goofyls save the king if anyone can help please tell me well good luck to the rest of you on beating the game
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    has anyone been able to play as mickey yet cause it saids you can you use him in certain boss like when you die he can come out to help you p.s.i will also put the Chances of being able to use him for these of you who want to and which bosses you fight against in which he may appear in later
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    Sanctuary link

    does any one know where i can download english version of passion Sanctuary cause i really want to get it can anyone help me:o p.s. which is better the jap version of passion or the eng version
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    is diz/ Ansem kairi's father ?

    ok we know that diz is the ruler of Radiant Garden and since that's true than he must be kairi's father since she is the princess of that world if you have more info on this please tell me cause i would like to know
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    max in kh3

    Do you guys think that goofy's son max may show up in kh3 just like Donald's nephews showed up in kh1
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    Luxord in kh2 or kh:com

    does anyone besides me thinks that Luxord would have been a better character in kh:com i mean the guy uses cards to fight and it makes sense to me what do you guys think
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    how namine was born (non- **SPOILER**)

    I don't know if anyone already knows this but is how namine was created and why she was able to fuses with Kairi to complete her. While Roxas is the Nobody of Sora, she is actually a "special Nobody" born from Kairi's heart when it left Sora's body. However as Kairi had no darkness in her...