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  • Hey Amata.

    As promised, here's the skinny on Rose's mission.

    Nikola Tesla is an old man in his sixties. He's of average height, and fairly lanky looking [but not to the point of looking malnourished]. He's got pale white skin, bright green eyes, messy white hair, and most likely since he's on the run, the makings of a nice beard. Tesla was formerly a renowned Alchemist praised for his creation of 'Lightning Alchemy'. He was imprisoned in Central for committing the taboo of Human-Transmutation on his dead wife.

    Back before he was a prisoner, he resided in the North. However, there have been sightings of a man in the West, near the old mining town of Xenatine. That's where Rose should start her search.

    By the way, I hope you don't mind me thrusting your character into this solo mission--I thought it would make for some fun development. But I realize I might have jumped the gun a bit @_@
    ~Happy Birthday!~
    This is so late...I almost forgot to say it DX. I hope you had a great day!
    I like Country, Techno, and some alternative rock. I try to listen to anything though, but mainsteam gets a bit boring after a while.
    What do you like besides metal?
    Hi there thanks for accepting my pal request^^ I think we've seen eachother around before or talked briefly but if not hi I'm Gesso.
    i know we didn't get to have a real battle in the bleach rp, so if u want we can duke it out in a thread in the battles section if u want. choose any of my characters if u want.
    heys I was giving you a heads up that the rp will be back in swing in the next two weeks most likely by june 12
    I was wondering, in your fullmetal alchemsit rp, what is the rules about having a character do alchemy without a transmute circle?
    as i stated, it's natural to be that way at two in the morning.

    hm... what shall i say about that? IDK. XD.

    and yes, avoid having it look smudged. :3
    i replied already. XD.

    and again, it seriously looked like serious smudging. what did you do to it?
    ah... you're goanna be mad at me, but i seriously CnC'd that thing you wanted help on in spirla. I tried to be friendly about it.. but i'm not sure if my intentions got through..

    And a request waiting too. :p
    yeah, sorry, I forgot to reply xD
    I was going to tell ya that marly's top head is kinda odd >.> u can see the border of the original marushion pic intead of mixing totally with the background
    Oh. Well I don't know if people are waiting on you... just reminding everyone to post. ^^
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