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  • How are you recently?That neat i would love to see your artwork :D
    It could actually be quite fun :p You should try it with someone with your favourite character or gamescene and react the scene
    Lolx go try watch that movie it is funny and nice when the robber tried to robbed Kelvin's house he did all sort of traps and the robbers falled into them :p
    Oh yea have you heard that coded is coming to DS and the english VA for BBS characters have been release? would you be getting coded and BBS?
    Nice to see you again havent talk to you for sometime either XD
    Yea but i kind of enjoy acting i did try cosplay as some character with my brother when i was younger :p
    lolx i had that experience too you should try watching that movie it is hilarious and funny to watch
    Yea i heard alot of news regarding actor/actress in my country marriage/having children so on and forth and it is hard for them to get private life so i dont really want to get into the life of acting.

    Yes those are definately beautiful especially when it glows at night i love the glowing colours. Those creatures are fierce by cool :|

    HomeAlone is about a boy name Kelvin who was left at home accidentally when his whole family went for holidays and that when two robbers plan to steal from their house.
    I agree and if i was an actor it would really..... be boring to just shoot only the green screen and no outdoor shooting. Acting is kind of fun too the only thing i dont like about acting is once you start acting and become famous it is quite hard for a private and quiet life.

    I find alot of scene in the Avatar movie is really nice especially at night. Even though forests are beautiful it is full of danger XD

    Yes it removes tensions in the show a movie which is too serious wont be nice to watch too XD. Have you watch homealone before?
    Yea it would be dissapointing to have a whole movie made up of visual effect
    Yea the forest was pretty <3 though i am afraid to be alone in the forest XD
    and i think that place that they shot for the movie became a tourist attraction XD.

    I love that movie it is so nice and funny too XD
    *Heh* Yea and if i havent forgotten i have read in the newespaper that one of the scene in the movie was actually a real place in the world. I am not sure where it is XD.

    Yea have you watch before Doc Do Little by Eddie Murphy that movie is about a guy who is a vet and he could talk to animal
    Yea :D

    Kind of i like the battling part quite vigorous XD. The story was ok quite interesting to see how Jake Sully learns the way the natives live and the graphic was great too.

    lolx quite true that it is not easy for us to get in the mind of a shark cause we are not shark and sadly we cant talk to them either XD
    You are welcome i should practice more on my drawing so i can improve :D

    I think Avatar the movie was nice especially the ending.
    Yea Sharks hardly attack human when it is not their feeding time at least that what i heard XD
    Yea :D practice makes perfect. You should shade more that way you will improve faster :D
    Thank you :D

    I could see you are a big fan of Avatar XD

    Wow sharks are really awesome but luckily sharks dont eat everyday XD
    About the same, minus Days. Midterms tomorrow and friday, so anxious about that. Clubs going okay?
    Thanks ^^ though i still think i could do more on the shading on his hair. Dont say that about yourself maybe you could shade better then me.

    Yea it is expensive my pocket will be having a hole if i buy the book ;A;. Yea though i am mostly ok with all the movies i watch.

    Sharks are cool but scary XD. I didnt know they can detect nervous/panicness or scardness i thought they are only attracted to blood.
    Ok ^^ I may try shading too i have just tried colouring a page of Days manga of Roxas eating ice-cream with shading though i think the shading of the hair could be done better :|

    Yea true :p
    I was thinking of getting the book but it cose $30+ per book XD so i am considering.
    Yea the trailer always seems so cool but if the movie isnt nice the dissapointment is greater :(

    Oh no Shark XD definately would be good to have a dolphin around in this kind of situation
    I would love to draw chibi i have tried drawing a chibi Ventus and Aqua. I will post it in the FC once i added colours to add i am still not good with digital shading though.

    I know it is tiring with the school work and exam but i find those better then working XD.
    I would love to read the book too i am considering if i should get the book. The trailer did look cool i have watched the trailer and it looks cool and haha one of the recently i want to watch it is because there is Greek Mythology inside.

    Yea especially Dolphins :X
    and it is scary i can imagine being lost in the sea and it is scary in the night time when it is dark out at sea XD
    Haha should find things to kill this boredom XD

    Heh* i find it adorable too though the drawing isnt done by me wish i could draw Roxas till he look so cute XD.
    Oh how was it back in school?

    I heard the book for Percy Jackson is nicer. I havent watch clash of the titans yet but i would love to watch it is it nice?
    YES!!! the blue sea i want to swim in it ^^.
    I am bored too though i have alot of things i wanted to do but i just feel lazy XD I have just read your message.

    Thanks for the comment on my avie just made it recently. How was your holiday ? hope it is good and enjoyable 8D

    Poseidon is cool the god of the sea with a trident have you watch Percy Jackson and the lightning thief?
    i love the sea too especially it deep blue.
    I have it is quite interesting too and norse is older then greek i think. Egyptian one i read abit on it
    Haha he isnt my prefer God either XD but as you said we all knew him from Greek mythology :)
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