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  • Yea i have read up on egyptian and norse mythology
    Haha yeah for Zeus though he is a god who likes to flirt.
    I like it too it is one of my favourite disney show.
    I am more farmiliar with Greek mythology too their mythology is so entertaining and fun to read about have you watch hercules by disney before?
    I havent read up on Roman history and mythology before but i think it will be interesting to know. I like Greece mythology and i have done quite a bit of reading on it. Mamma Mia is a nice phrase i love it though i thought that phrase was use in Italy?

    I want to see the Colosseum too i looks really awesome and Greece definately sound like a nice place to go
    Hmm... maybe we could save up money so we could go :D

    I wanted to go to China. Australia and Rome seems cool to visit.
    :D YAY HUGS. <3r

    :D Well I hope your dream comes true, though! I bet you'll do a wonderful job either way. :D

    And gasssssp. You know I meant suger as...well...kisses right? XD Hahahaha. But yeah, he'll probably be hyper either way! :p

    D: NUUUUU. DUN DIIIIEEE! *calls Larxene so that she can shock you back* D: LIVE. LIIIIIVEEEE! DX

    ;) I always think fangirly, don't worry about it. It's a good reaction still, I have to agree that he probably would react calmly. You know, maybe not. XD Who knows!? You never can tell what Xiggy is thinking, so who knows how he'd take it. As for Roxas, he's an easy thing to figure out, and I agree. He'd be extreamly angry, that's for sure, and probably confused. XD Then he'd be all depressed and dying Xigbar would have to like...I dunno...reassure him. XD
    The tour guide wasnt kidding when he saw we could view a nice sunset from where we were ^^.

    Haha so have you ever thought of going overseas anywhere??
    Those are photo taken of the volcano and the sunset when i was on a trip to Bali. The mountain one was abit white as it was abit foggy on the top of the mountain

    Maybe you could try to be the first female Tarzan XD swinging on vines and vain and living in wooden tree house for a month to get close to nature and enjoy sounds cool XD.
    Here a image of the moutain view and the sunset in Bali


    Aww... could you catch one for me too? I would love to keep the dolphin as a pet
    You should try living in the jungle maybe you will like it?
    ;) Well if you insist then! :D *hugs you*

    And oooh!! oooh! :D Those sound amazing! <3 I love marine biology! :D

    And bah! Xiggy! <3 *gives him some suger* >:D XD Okay, this converation makes me EXTREAMLY giggy. XD Gotta stop that.

    O-O; *goes to pick you up* D: Gasp! Wake up! See what I mean!? DONATING IS BAD WHEN YOU'RE NOT DEAD! XD

    Oh yeah, good point there, my friend! Xigbar does seem the type to keep everything on the inside. And I bet he'd be trying to comfort the kid the best he could even though...and excuse this horrible pun...his heart was breaking. XD Bah. Okay, cheesy! But yeah, I agree with you. He'd definally be calm. Hmmm, I wonder how Roxas would take *his* death? The total opposite? XDDD
    ;) Well okay, but still. I feel bad when I don't reply. XD I don't want people to think that I forgot 'em or something!

    And oh? :) What'cha wanna be? If you don't mind by me askin? :)


    And hm? Oh dear, I am feeling just fine. Much better than I have been. :D Don't worry about me, and BAH! Don't donate anything! XD You need those! Really badly! :p *stops you* I'm just sitting here, about to get ready for bed and listening to some intermental music...and for some reason I'm having angsty thoughts. XD Angsty in a good way, of course. I'm sitting here thinking how Xiggy would react to Roxas dying...>___>

    Cus when I said I was going to request somethin' from ya, I started to think all...ANGSTY. I do so wonder how he'd react. Or how Roxas would react. :B Durrrh. I'm such a fangirl. << >> What'cha think though? XD
    Wow, I'm shocked and ashamed that I never replied to this. D: What kind of person am I!?! D: Bah! But yes, Drawing is my passion. I hope one day I can become a storyboard artist? ;) That sound funny to you?

    And yessss. Laziness ROCKS.

    AND BAH! MORE XIGGY! *cuddles with Xigbar* :D
    Same here but mountain view could be nice too.

    Next time reserve the dolphin first :p
    *Heh* Maybe if you rear a dolphin you could rear it in the sea and visit it often in the sea i think the dolphin will remember you if you are nice to them

    I dont like Nature as much but i do love the natural beautiful scenery that nature has provided for us
    Yeah,Zoe was awesome :). I don't mind gore most of the time,but sometimes it can make me sick.Blood or no blood,I like a good film to watch in the dark :)
    I love seeing the view of the Volcano from the mountain opposite it is really beautiful

    Sorry all dolphins sold out please come again next time XD though i wanted one dolphin too XD
    Yea dolphins need to be living in the sea you are such a nature lover XD
    Yea i went to Bali with a tour guide ^^
    Haha too bad i dont have a dolphin for you XD
    hmm.. how much is a dolphin??
    The sunset i saw was from a beach behind the shopping mall recommended by the tour guide
    and i really love the sunset it is pretty

    Maybe you should keep one dolphin as pet :p
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