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  • Oh these are a great many games : D good luck on getting them! : D
    Hmm don't really know. It's just not the same as in The Blazing Sword or The Sacred Stones anymore...but still, it's a pretty good game! AND I'm still stuck at this chapter...grrr.

    Oh you want to buy a PS3? Cool. Somehow I always preferred handhelds over consoles...guess it's annoying for me to set up everything and all xD;;
    Which games do you want to get for your PS3 (not that a PS3 alone isn't expensive enough; does your job let you earn so much?)?
    Tired because of your job I guess?
    Oh why thank you! It was months ago though xDD

    Yeah the game is pretty good when no one's dying xD;; But I miss the supports between the characters ;_; There is support in the game, but it's somehow different...hm. You can always get the game, you know? ; )
    Oh yes, I know what you mean. I've got that, too especially with thunderstorms.

    Everytime one comes up, I just feel like getting out my bed and lying there, looking at the clouds and the thunder.
    Hey! I'm doing great, and you? : )

    Guess what? I got Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for my birthday, it's real fun BUT I got stuck at a chapter : O I tried at least five times but everytime one of my characters dies : / It sucks.
    Yeah, almost rotten to some degree. D:
    Not a very romantic sight with the ladies, haha.

    Same here. I like my time of day dark. Then I don't have to feel the obligation to go out and not waste my time. xD
    Yeah, some teeth I saw during my trip were somewhat, ehh, broken. xD

    Yeah, I know. D:
    It's horrible.
    But on the other hand, I heard that some of your winters are quite brutal, too. You sure? :3
    Well, do you know what snus is?
    Most of our folks wanted to import that stuff and sell it. >_>;

    Oh, and we thought it would be a little colder than Germany's hardcore summer.
    Heh, and I guess you know what came of that. xD
    It was a school trip that every twelth grade does once. :D

    We had the option between Rome, Malta and Sweden, so most of us boys took Sweden.
    It was really great there. :3
    "Those hectopascals have no idea what kind of radical they're throwing into the equation, do they?" I love my random Sho muse.
    Well, considering I actively sorted out the right profile and pressed the button myself to send the request, I guess so. ^^

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