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  • Thanks, are you an atheist by the way? Not that it is crucial. I was watching Tales openings. Gee, how many are there of them?
    Roxas? by ~ienzo628 on deviantART Here is what I got so far for 'Roxas'. Sure, this isn't Roxas or Ventus we know, but what I chose to base off of partly BBS Sora.
    Yeah, religion makes people do some crazy stuff. I am trying to draw somebody that resembles KHBBS Sora, but it's not.
    That's true. Glenn Beck is an idiot. Glenn Beck Said What?!?! - YouTube It's incredible that he had the audacity to compare some kid's political camp to the Hitler Youth Movement.
    I am just having some fun watching HATE MAIL with TJ - YouTubeHate Mail with TJ and the Dumbest Youtuber Ever PWNED: Stupidest YouTuber Ever - YouTube.
    Well, it's the type of religious people that force their agenda into laws and everything else just for their own interest.
    I am doing quite fine. The enter key isn't working for me either. It's really irritating. I just watched the video that I linked you too. I've started watching atheist videos on youtube. And, I can't tell you how dumb and bigoted people can be.
    I don't think so. Have you thought about going to the job core or something like that? Maybe, they could help you find work. You could also go to websites that can help you find work, I believe.
    Lol, I'm glad it's a new Zelda rather than a remake. A lot of people are peeved it's not what they wanted. LOL. ------ I think she does, a loose plot anyway. She's constantly worried that it's too close to other things though. :( But in retrospect, 100% true originality is almost impossible to achieve nowadays. Almost everything has something that has already been used in some form. It's how it all flows together that causes it to be unique.
    How do you feel about it NOT being Majora's Mask 3D? xD; ------ All righty. I think one of her ideas is a magical girl thing, but she wants to differentiate it from Sailor Moon and the like.
    Oh. xD I know the Decline Timeline up and down, and what I said seems to fit. Besides, it's been 7 years since Ganon last made an appearance in a Zelda game (TP), barring OoT 3D. I think it very likely he's the villain of ALttP2. But away from plot, what do you think about what we've seen so far? The ALttP throwbacks, the new Wall Drawing thing? ------ Ohh. xD Yes she's an Akuroku fan. I don't think her manga ideas are like that though. Why?
    Yep... ------ Lol, basically someone replied, saying the wondered where it fits in the timeline, then somebody else said the timeline was stupid... it collapsed from there. Anyway, it was confirmed to be a sequel to A Link to the Past. The problem is, that already exists: the Oracles, then Link's Awakening. It's the same Link through all of those. So, the first question is, does ALttP2 take place BETWEEN ALttP and the Oracles, BETWEEN the Oracles and LA, or after LA? My guess is after LA. I have an odd feeling ALttP2 will be the canon explanation for Ganon's return before the Legend of Zelda. Link, the Hero of the Triforce, returns to Hyrule after the Koholint Island incident, only to have to take up the mantle of Hero again. ------ Well, she'd draw manga I suppose. xD Idk, depends what all Lan told you.
    It sort of does look like Wooper. This one is sort of cute from afar, instead of up-close. Anything up-close looks creepy.
    Awesome! ^_^ And yes, I recommend it. I'm trying to find one too. ------ I'm doing good, excited for the 3DS Zelda coming this year. :D I wanna talk about it, but nobody wants to talk about the plot. Dx When I brought it up in the Zelda thread, a timeline argument started. ------ Well, she's pretty knowledgeable on a lot of things, but keeps putting herself down. She's into anime and manga, so in that effect she knows more than I do. She's also an Animal Crossing fan, is very creative. Wants to draw mangas for a living, but is afraid of rejection. I'd say she's a pretty smart person, though she has low self-esteem. But I'm trying to help her with that. Does that answer it fine?
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