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  • I noticed on the news that the second bomber for the Boston Bombings actually is sedated now. I feel kind of bad about it as he is in critcal condition.
    I think you're right. Situations like the Boston Marathon Bombing and 9/11 are just going to make people more uneasy such as myself. That's why I don't listen to the news, because I tend to take things out of context. That's one thing that politicans are good at and that is manipulating the media to make society vote for them and in turn limit the common man's rights. Also, I was sick today.
    How is it going today? Do you think that due to the recent 'terrorist' attack at the Boston Marathon is going to cause the government to restrict more of our rights?
    I'm glad the thought amuses you, sir. :D

    No, I was simply declaring that I'm not ashamed of that fact or anything about myself when it comes to these kind of questions. :3
    Yes, that is what most humans strive for.

    Its no big deal was mostly curious. It's been awhile since we've been going at it. xD

    Thats good.

    I see, you really ought to join that forum!
    Now I understand. Sometimes it's hard to understand what you're saying when you start speaking gangster on me, DR. *u*

    You'd be correct, I live with them and have no problem with that.

    Orly? Well, it has been two years and I'm always talking to Anagram. Wait- ahh, you know because of the Activity wall or so I'd suspect.

    So, playing any Pokemon or Ace Attonrey games? Join that forum you told me about yet?
    What do you mean by this? ^

    Well, you can't wait forever to join or you'll remain stuck where you are now. But, I understand the attachments to KHI.

    No, I'm not being sarcastic. xD

    Glad to hear it. You really are passionate about Pokemon.

    So, what's new with you DR? Speak to Mazy in awhile?
    "Then make it so, we must get this on the road." Link said.

    Zelda nodded her head. She then gave a huge kiss on the lips of Tori's lips.

    After breaking the kiss.

    "You are acceptable." She stated.

    Zaki's and bit of Majora's minds were blown.
    "Voilet I've seen three timelines..I'm would have believed you." He said.

    "Can you get everyone here please?" He asked.

    Zelda had found how she was looking for.

    "Are you the one called Tori?" She asked

    She then eyed her page.

    "Hello Zaki." She said.

    "AAAAAHHH!" Zaki yelled in his mind.
    Link now put two and two together.

    "You are Gale's sister?" He asked.

    "How can we get the light force out of him...that kind of power...." Link thought.

    "Also couldn't you have told me this before he impaled my chest?" Link asked.
    Link sat down and took all this in.

    "...I'm aware of the time lines. The other heros...The other Link's and I share link no pun intended we share memories from the first Link that founded Hyrule from Skyloft to myself and then few other Links right now. I however was unaware of Gale's extra form of power. However my young student teacher I assume you have more to say right?" He asked.
    Link was kinda buried in books and scroll.

    "It's open come in Violet!" He yelled mostly having things that might beat Gale.
    Oh course, now I must leave you to take care of something, have a good day, and call me Midna or Mom if you don't mind, seeing as you'll be my daughter in law. Granted you might make a good hand maiden but well see." She said.

    The mask being no fool he had left he wooden body prison and started to form around the young Zaki's soul. All he really cared about was causing as much pain and suffering to spite the Gods and all who worshiped them. Zaki slowly lost himself for a bit vanishing from temple to temple looking for other things.magic, any magic would do. He started sucking more and more magic from the temples of Death mountan and Lake Hyla, and even the Forest temple, then he returned to the school leaving Zaki alone for now. Feeling stronger yet something felt very wrong. Since Majora now had all the evil magic from the temple's dead souls
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