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    haha nothing really. I haven't been here in a long time and decided that I might as well do something on the internet besides facebook. plus it's kinda fun to post here and go in the chat. plus I have my own place so i feel comfortable doing things online now that rents aren't really around anymore. I'm rooming with a friend, so its all good.

    that's good to hear you graduated. what was your major? something with social relations right? or am I totally off? xP traveling sounds fun, if you have the money. if not studying more is always good too. i don't want to be out of college until i have a good job or have the job just out of college. my current job is in my field which is great, i design the school newspaper and write movie reviews. hahaha.

    add me on msn: think.deeply@live.com. we should talk for sure. did you change yours?
    Now those were hilarious.
    Doing pretty well, I'm doing Digital Media tutoring for this forum, still writing, outside I work as always and am managing pretty alright.
    How about you Naomi?
    NAOMI :D Things are going pretty well. I'm moving to a new apartment and been doing my usual photoshop stuff haha. College is great, too. First year went smoothly. How goes things for you? I've missed you. <3

    see you there sometime

    also: screw festivus 2010 we have Johnny Five Names 2010

    also: are you a girl? i hope so. otherwise ill be on my own D:
    well its deffo in the summer so dont worry about that. no date is proper set yet but i think its best that we all get on msn in a group chat and sort this out and set a date for us all, cus the jordan's coming and space cowboy wants to come too if he has the £££, and cloud's gonna ask his gf i think

    if you wanna talk sometime add me on msn doom-desire.x@hotmail.co.uk then we can get into a group convo w/ everyone else
    ah good

    me and cloud are going to bpb this year. we wanted to know if you were coming.
    Guys don't like feeling like they've been led on. Chances are, unless he's a major douche, that'll he'll accept the fact that you aren't interested in him in that way.

    And I'm pretty good. Exhausted from 5 grad parties over the weekend (especially the one Saturday night lol). And of course listening to music.
    I seem to not care about that sort of shit. I kinda feel like 'ehhh whatever being friends is still chill' and try to now make it awkward
    you need to punch him in the wiener. that'll learn him!

    But uhhhhhhhh I guess just specify that it is solely as friends.

    go on google and type in 'khinsider' and wait for suggestions to come up

    look at the 5th suggestion down :/
    That would be cool if he turns out to be someone I know from there.

    And I won't post porn or anything, I'll just be banned by request

    and facebook.com/crazium
    ahh well should you ever see me online and feel like a chat I'm always open

    still cold over here
    plus they turned on teh AC in the building.

    gosh I could go for some chocolate. or just food in general

    I'm doing great

    I'm in a new show annnd I got accepted into a youtube choir
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