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  • That's an interesting description for a book. "Yeah, I'd say it was pretty anime"

    But I have and it's definitely worth a read though I'm iffy whether it deserves that term. I wouldn't say wrong per say? More like loose? Especially given the context, I mean, it's was hilarious. It's hard not say "hipsters are post-postmodern" aloud without laughing. But I enjoyed your take on the definition.
    Have you ever read A Visit From The Goon Squad? In terms of literature, it's often considered the first post-postmodernist piece of work.
    i bet you could contribute more than most if you just made up some random garbage 8D HEHEH. i did love those posts you and taylor made in my anime justin bieber thread! omg!

    BAH I'M SO HAPPY THAT WE'RE HAPPY TOO. half the fun of it was making sure it didn't turn into one of those cliches. <3

    i'll be on vacation until early september, it's great. :3 and i'm excited for my classes this year! lots of humanities and interesting things to study. how is your job? it sounds so prestigious!! and i am jealous, is london as awesome as it's cracked up to be?

    It's been a while since we've last conversed >.>

    lol what's up?
    It's not there anymore (the message), but thank you <3 I'm handling, somewhat. :3
    Pakistan, but for health reasons the family had to move. I had astma which was allergic to pollutants in the air (tree-hugger, well not really but still :D)It made it more feasible since my mother was accepted into a good university there. So we chilled there until my mother finished and got whatever degree and we moved to Canada.

    I wouldn't like to live there but the accent is always an asset since it's apparently popular with the ladies
    It's always queer when I notice someone online or off who lives in the UK or is native to it because I lived there for a bit when I was little so I always have this childish need to splutter out something like, "I could've been one of you! Accent and all!"

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