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  • Not really. You just bashed about somthing random. Anyways I have been waiting to do that for quite sometime.
    You bashed the topic, when it said clearly this is not a thread to bash. Also Screw you is an overplayed insult.
    ill add ya l8r. gotta go eat soon. and yes i have a mic (unlike most people on the ps3 >.>)

    if ya want
    An interest in it helps too.

    Astronomy, covering the entire universe, all there is, is something worth striving to know a lot about, personally.
    No, self taught. The most astronomy in school I've done is a single term (ten weeks) of Planetary science which was half geology half solar system astronomy. I didn't learn anything new on the astronomy front.
    You should kill him for his incompetence. Too late, I already did. That's the third since I sat down, jeez.
    Maybe, whenever I die or just get bored of these forums, you'll give my post count a run for its money.
    Dogenzaka, and. . .Audo, I think.

    Just click on members list, advance search, go down to post count, and the descending (or ascending, I forget. Whichever it isn't by default).
    Sure he wil, bush started the problems, obama will do something about them.
    Yep. It helps when your goal is to become the #2 poster in KHI, lol. Currently I'm 3.
    Well. . .the first oh. . .1k were kinda slow, but after that it just picked up a bit. I guess just not leaving and posting in RP's and General Video Games/Discussion. I never go to the KH sections or the Graphics.

    That doesn't really answer your question though. I guess just stick to it. I never really tried to hard or anything, I just post a little every day.
    He's going to have to make unpopular decisions, and the republicans will make use of that in their next campaign. Let's hope the u.s. citizens will look farther then two or three years and see that obama's plans help the economy and make the world a safer place. I'm going to sleep now, so good luck with whatever you're doing.
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