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  • Europe's crazy about him, and i don't think it's that strange. The iraq and afghanistan wars made muslims very pissed. And some of our countries have the tradition of satirising people like politicians and groups of people like christians or activists. Muslims get angry if they are the subject of cartoons and since we're allies with the u.s. and reachable by land we're an easy target. I'm not blaming all of the u.s., just the man that was in charge.
    There are enough on the site, unknowingly you probably have before. So how do you like the new prez?
    Thank you. I see it more as others won't do it, and if someone doesn't, then the ones that need help won't learn- and thus will continue to annoy the older members.
    Blah, no contacts for me >_< I hate the idea of having to take them out by putting your finger on your eye and what not. Besides, I would hate to have them stuck or move around on my eye, it would get quite annoying.
    There meh. It's so dumb in middle school, you can't exactly have much of a relationship.....But there just meh. How r they 4 u?
    Yea school this year's been a real hag. The year's been going by really fast though. SOOOO how was new yearzzz?!
    heey hows it been? I just freaked out cause I didn't know about the new layout for the homepage lol.
    Uhm, I don't think rep is amazing. I don't think that nega repping makes me the shit. I do know that I hate people who bitch about rep they "didn't deserve." Can you honestly tell me that the post I negarepped you for was not worthy of such?
    tl;dr, read what sam posted on my profile.
    shut up about rep. If you care THAT MUCH, you need to get off the internet for a while.
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