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  • I actually have the games. I just didn't play them xD;;;

    Nope. But it does follow the gameplay of the original so I showed it to you to better explain.
    I know squat about Black and White so I've no idea what you just said xD;

    I like that one xD PW/EBA crossover? Priceless.
    Oh right xD;;; Gray? :D

    Ouendan. It's a DS rhythm game that utilizes the touch screen. While this isn't the game itself, it's a parody of the system, it shows the style. Actual playable part starts at 0:52, sort of. XD
    Only in the DS game, the background happens on the top screen and instead you get the "cheerleaders" cheering. Their movements are timed with when you need to press, so they're good indicators sometimes.
    The Japanese version has two games. There's an NA Localized version called Elite Beat Agents.

    You could always try Black and White. My DS rarely collects dust, if only because I keep replaying the Ouendan series xD;
    Rocks indeed xD;;; Pure dead weight. Little more than concepts.
    Aaah, Xion <3

    Then I recommend both those titles. Chrono Trigger got a port for the DS so you can try that.
    Which reminds me I still need to play that xD;;;
    Oh, I agree. I don't buy the whole Axel-Roxas biz as far as I can throw a Gummi Ship. But that's because of how badly it's constructed now. If they spared the emo and the drama, they might've been able to do that. Hell, even the same scene with Roxas not being that cold a prick could've worked. Have him remember THEN that he cares for Axel, and not later - in Days after Xion died so Axel just "tagged along" on Roxas wanting his life back, and then in KHII when Axel DIED. If it would've been more "I still have to do it" or something like that, instead of "no one'd miss me"... but the more I think about it the more I realize that they DID do that - with Xion. It's like Xion's not only the Kairi I always wanted, but the Roxas I always wanted as well. xD;;;

    I actually don't know that much about DDD. I know of the jumping off walls and one new world. Also the basic concept but that came from Re:Coded's secret ending so it's all good.

    I seem to like better the old SNES games, though the gameplay and graphics are a test of my patience x.x;
    Yes yes x3;;; part ways about opinions.
    Foreshadowing =\= putting future scenes in earlier games. You're shooting yourself in the foot and setting yourself up to fail. For instance, if they didn't have the whole "no one'd miss me" bit in KHII, they could've worked out Roxas and Axel's friendship better in Days, even with Xion being there. On one hand I understand them needing to flesh out Roxas's character in KHII, but in that game itself it left a bitter taste in my mouth about his so-called friendship with Axel. And now, when they went and did a game telling us what happened during that time, they had one hell of a handicap.
    It might've been alright but Nomura just doesn't know how to connect the dots :\ which is why I came to not be as terrified about 3D as I was after I played BBS and was disappointed - as opposed to BBS having the KH2/FM+ secret endings, DDD has none of that. While it's still possible and even likely he has some ideas in mind like the Terra and Aqua DI scenes in BBS which he thought of in KHII, I'm more hopeful about how he'll execute it. I also hear people saying he said in interviews he learned from his mistakes, like not making a game based on a gameplay concept XD;;; so I'm a bit more hopeful.

    I still love Chrono Trigger and Seiken Densetsu 3 to death. Beyond maybe switching the "canon" main-couple in Chrono Trigger (and even then it's more preference, not that I can't see it) I really can't think of anything I'd want to change writing-wise in these titles.
    I think this is where we part ways. I do enjoy KH even though I realize it's, well... bad. I just enjoy the gameplay, some of the Disney, and most of the characters too much, plot be damned. And BBS messed up characters I didn't really care for from the get go. Hell, I still ended up liking Terra, so they managed to do something right.
    I also think I understand some of why it happened ,what with Nomura shoving "future" scenes wherever he can (see KH1 and KHII's secret endings). But he seems to be deterring from that so I have some hope.
    Though to be fair, more than no expectations, I think that just knowing close to nothing before coming into a game helps. I'm sure I'd have enjoyed BBS a lot more had I refrained from reading Another Report two years ago :V
    I really think keeping my expectations low is part of why I was able to enjoy Days despite it all, and to a much greater extent - Re:Coded (not knowing squat about that one beyond it having SoNami helped xD). But with BBS everyone and their mothers went about declaring it as the best game in the series and the game just failed to deliver :\ granted, KHII disappointed me before I heard anyone else's hype over it, but with BBS the hype didn't help the fact so much of what could've been in there - wasn't.
    The first degree he finished here. But he's looking into studying further abroad.

    I did. More than more people do.

    Seeing how Nomura picked one half of the worlds for the sole reason of having PoHs, and the other half for the sole reason of them "looking fun"? I stopped expecting anything from KH games in the future. I'll actually be more satisfied with reruns like Re:Coded since there I know it at least has to do with the World, even if due to past connections.

    I find them to be a good way to vent.
    Cool, thanks! I didn't think anyone would read that. I believe if you look around on that website, you can find other "what if" scenarios, like Civil war, World War II, and more, I believe.
    !!! My brother took that! :D Or something close, at least - Visual Communications. Now he's a graphic designer for a really big advertisement office.

    Mandatory drafting. And again, while we do serve, it doesn't mean we're on the front line. You need people in the 'back' to support the ones in the front, after all, doing all sorts of stuff.

    Port Royal seemed off to me because it was put in for the popularity :\ I can't say I agree with too many world choices beyond KH1. In the "Rerun" games like CoM and Coded I can at least bear with it because it was chosen before, but the new worlds that were introduced in KHII or BBS? Dude, Nomura, put a little more effort into it :\

    But FM waaaa-fests are fun! XD but as you wish :3
    cool. College now or what? Or I did my math wrong?

    Just because we serve in the army doesn't mean we're marines or something. Not all guys go there, either.

    I agree they could've showed Luxord a bit more, kind of like they did Xaldin in Beast's Castle - the guy was there from the first visit. But in Port Royal it felt like because it was a new world, they could only get to it in the second visit, and used Pete to introduce the world instead.

    I don't mind the FF7 cameos too much since the FF charas ARE there and were playing a role. Also, it started the whole "beings of pure Darkness" shiz so it's not unrelated.
    What I find to be annoying was that the whole thing started out with the NA version of KH1 getting the Sephiroth fight, which in turn made the Japanese fans moan so they got a proper scene to go along with it in the first final mix. THAT's where the troubles started. >_>;
    How long ago was that?

    ...some of them xD;;;

    I think being a two dimensional posh Brit dude is part of why Nomura likes Luxord xD;;; hey, it did it for quite a few of us in the fandom ;3
    But I agree. Xion's more or less the best character in the Organization, though I still think fondly of the CoM cast. But again, she stands out like a sore thumb when you look at her "support cast", especially in light of people's expectations or rather wishes - that's not what they wanted.
    Me, I never cared much for the KH2 Org cast so once I got over the "oh no, another Kairi lookalike" which was more directed at Kairi's quality than Xion's, I was actually looking forward to her. Xion, Riku, Namine Guest Starring, and how Axel went from his CoM self to his KHII self. That was my Days check-list. Anything else was bonus or shrugable.

    I like to think that the Org were supposed to be like the Disney villains in KH1, and would each receive a world in KHII. But then they started developing CoM in the middle of KHII's development and they needed villains for that game. So they split the Org into two games, creating a lack of balance - one half was in a character-oriented game where their own personalities and plots WERE the game, and the other half was in a game that was mostly Disney movie reruns.
    Do ho ho ho ho. 's ok X3

    You like Xion, BFF-ship AkuShi, and BFF-ship to ship Rion. You also ship Roxas/Kairi.
    I'd pounce you if you were right here. Each view is seemingly rare on its own, so all of them combined in one person? Money put on you being a double-account troll in a week. But I'll enjoy the ride until then.

    By "good character" do you mean Xion or Roxas? Because I personally think Xion's a great character. But it's like taking Johnny Depp and casting the rest of the actors from a middle-school's theater club. Barely anyone else in Days had any substance to them, anything worthwhile beyond some fanserviceish character development. Now don't get me wrong, I love what they did with Demyx and Luxord and appreciate that they even DID anything with the two, but I do understand the raging from people who wanted an Organization game, only to discover that the developers basically made it Organization 13 for the cool number. When push came to shove and they needed justification for their existence, they had to raise the count to 14 XD;;;
    I... really don't know, I've been speaking it all my life xD;;;;


    Alright. Let's see how I reply to that next part of what you wrote.




    *lips pursed into a thin line*

    Marry me.
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