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    Which was sillier? ( involves KH2 and AC)

    the dilly dally thing a-mahbob
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    shadow of the colossus

    im not sure if this game has been mentioned but wow. i picked this game up the other day and it is absolutly amazing. its so original. its about this kid who goes to this land where its said that people can have the dead loved ones revived becuase his lover died. and the only way he can get...
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    misspelling "roxas"

    yea. i guess the creators were under alot of stress trying to release it to america. so it seemed a little rushed together.
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    the note in the bottle?!(possible spoilers)

    it went there because kairi and sora are always conected and some stuff like that
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    What should have been added in Kh2?

    my main consern was the magic sucked in this game. and the overall game went buy way to fast. if they made it more difficult it wouldve stuck on better with me. and u really dont need to be a high level to beat the game
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    is com worth it

    k thanks. maybe i should rent it. then decide if i want to buy it.
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    KH2 Final Mix?!?!?

    i read an interview saying nomura wasnt goign to make a final mix or another com like game becuase he said he brought to much confusion to fans who didnt play the previous versions
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    is com worth it

    well it seems like this game has two sides to it. and it really depends on the taste of the player. P.S. i dont need to play it for the story because ive read countless of walkthroughs and sene the endings. but i would like to see the cutscenes and say that i have played all the games in the...
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    Riku Ending...

    i dont kno about screenshots but i foudn the ending by gogin to yahoo video and typing in kkh COM ending. it gave me sora and rikus ending.
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    Sora question

    well there is still no way to kno. nomura is just brianstromign and he said he was workign on a title beofre he starts to work on kh3. he can always have a change of heart on what ever he has decided now
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    Sora question

    i remeber nomura syaing that kh series would come to an end wheathe rit would be in kh2 or not he didnt say.
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    favorite part character/limit attack

    well if i were to choose my favorite party characters it would be a tie between auron because he was just fricken sweet and riku becuase he was kick ass and there was a neat limit command with him.
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    is com worth it

    while kh2 was in the makings i neglected to play COM. i didnt think it was that important. and i basically know the whole story from top to bottom in it with the organization schemes and diz and namine and both endings. but now that i have beaten kh2 i kinda want to pick up COM. is it worth it?
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    betta ending (maybe some spoilers)

    same. wen i was at world that never was i was convinced that there was gogin to be another world like the end of the world in khone btut hen i was sad after i beat it becuase there was no more left and there wont be anythign new for like a long time.