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  • I didn't know he lived in the same state as me.Where in Alabama does he live? I live in a little city called Hokes Bluff.I've been down the Ruby path in the Cave of Wonders many times today.But I always wind up at the Gemstone Antechamber(because I always go down the Water Pathway that ultimately comes back to it), now I know what to look for and I now know I was on the right path, thanks Igshar.Also, thanks for adding me to your friend list.
    :3~ have a reputation to uphold.

    That's the likely scenario, yes. Riku doesn't really need to Duel Wield for a while. Sora Duel Wielding was fun and all, and had to do more with him being fused with Roxas - an event we knew about, so it was "safe" to let him do it.
    Riku Duel Wielded for 30 seconds and even then the event was overshadowed with Kairi using the Keyblade he pulled out. Wonderful attention diverting, Nomura.

    If she does end up being able to wield, it might reflect back on why she was even able to hold the Keyblade now. I'll give them that. However, that depends on the circumstances of her ending up wielding and the point in time she became able to wield.
    tl;dr no, Kairi holding it now probably means all but nothing save giving Nomura the opportunity to use her as he uses her best -
    a red herring.
    He did it with Xion's face
    he did it to throw everyone off the trail of SoRiku.
    He did it again with Riku Duel Wielding.
    Oh, no I'm not friends with him in real life, we don't even live in the same state either(I live in the northern part of Alabama).But it would be cool to meet him.I also sent you a friend request, I'll understand if you don't add me.By the way where do I need to go in the Cave of Wonders? I've been all over the place but I forgot where I need to go.
    We don't even know if she broke any rules, really, assuming all she'd have needed was for Riku to want her to wield.
    And sadly, Kairi might wield just yet. I just think nothing we have thus far implies towards that, and that if Nomura did try to get us to ponder it - it's to draw attention away from the fact that OMFG RIKU DUEL WIELDED ZOMFG HOW
    Yes, I'm a friend of K's.He and I first met soon after I first entered Deep Jungle, he helped me out on some things and helped me understand the game alot too, and he and I have been friends since.Then I added him to my friend list shortly afterwards, and incase your wondering what his username in the forums is it's k77k.I hope you and I can be friends too, and I would like to add you to my list of friends if it's ok with you.
    I fail to see why you'd need to admit it. Riku wanted it to stay there. That's also something different from the other times in which the Keyblade came back from being held by a non-wielder.
    Hey Igshar, what's up? Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Cave of Wonders, but I found it just before you gave me the "secret code", but thanks for helping anyway, man.My username in RPG Inferno is Marluxia the Dark Lord and I'm a friend of K's, let's talk sometime, here or in the Inferno.See ya later, Sogeking.
    Think I should start the Lotus Kingdom RP as a singular RP or introduce it as part of a series at the signup thread?

    This might really be short though since it'll mostly focus on the people living in the kingdom rather just Jack. Might end it up until they actually get out LF.
    Hey Iggyshar, may I use the earlier parts of EO:Inferno as roleplays? Specifically, The Fall of Norfein and Escape From The Lotus Kingdom.

    KHI's roleplay populace might help us decided whether or not our story is good. Also, you wouldn't actually need to be part of them; just wanna let you know.

    P.S. I am the guy the person below me is referring to >.>
    Please don't change, or don't ask someone to change my Game ID in Inferno please.
    It brings back bad memories.
    Also thank the mod who took the haxx off my profile. Some guy told me some way to get rid of it myself but i didn't understand him XD
    Yes i know what you mean....might aswell own up....
    You most definately are person who's endured alot, only a person who's taken so much would be able to know so much.I was the same except i've gotten passed it, you will soon so you won't have to be suspicious. People of pain or often very paranoid. I'm a very different person from the daxma you once knew.
    Looking back on it, i feel no less embarressed than i have ever been.

    In relation to lying, i lied in the litteral sense but not the proverbial sense. Back then i was completely insocible, thuoght the world was my cruel stage where my part was to be the pariah. I've gotten passed that. The reason i named my former self benjamin because my former reactions remind me of some of breaking benjamins songs.

    Well maybe we could be friends if we put the theatrics of the past behind us.
    Look, if you truely believe that i am the person that you have met before then by all means forget my story. I'll personally delete my comments and you can delete you comments as if the convo had never happened. I merely wanted to know who you were. Life too short to make enemies of people, Benjamin is just learning now but i've believed it for a long time. I'd rather someone such as yourself to be my friend. Whether thats what you want is another matter. I'm going offline and by all means comment or do whatever, just mull what i've said, over in your head.
    No i can assure you i am not. We may have simularities but not many.
    Personally i don't expect you to believe either me or the story about our but i just wanted to know what kind of person you were. Simple as that.
    The thing is....he actually did hold our friend in his body and he is constantly drawing pictures of the event all over the walls of his room in the mental institution. Sorry for what he did. He was in a bad place. He was a pretty cool dude except after that accident something just snapped. He wasn't the same anymore.
    Well....it's kind of akward...this is a long story so sorry if this bothers you.

    he's currently in a mental institution after the death of our friend Adam. He named himself daxma after what Adam called himself online. My name is Adam too, i was Adam's best friend since we were 7 years old because for some reason he gravitated towards me because we had the same name.Anyway he said that people here picked on him the whole time and you along with some dude called D-Arot(not sure on the name) picked on him the most.
    He was then booted off here after he posted some for lack of a better word "inappropriate" material (one of his stupidest moves ever).

    Is it true that you bullied him on here? I mean he took getting booting from here very hard.
    I looked at your posts and you don't seem to be a bad person, so could you just tell me about what exactly you were doing to him?
    No, it's just an old friend of mine called benjamin was on here and had....a less than entusiastic view of you, but then again he was dumb enough to get himself banned so i can't really go one what he said.
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