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    So, yes. =/
    Yes. I agree larf.

    So, I negarepped the kid (for another horrendous display of spam and double-postage... and now he keeps sending me messages... D:)...
    Lol. That thread made me barf and laugh at the same time.

    A larf. Or a baugh. I dunno.
    *cries* Indeed the sucking attacks.
    The test must be awful. Most of my core classes are getting us all prepared for it by giving us these practice tests that are only a few minutes long and sometimes over stuff we haven't gone over. Takes about 2 periods of day so I guess that's some good stuff in skipping out on two classes. *shrugs*
    Boo for tests!
    I've got a few quizzes coming up this week; one for Physics, another for Geometry, and oh crap I just remembered that I had to define these words for an English test on Friday and they're due tomorrow. o_O
    *sighs* Bleh, I also have this huge test next week, a PLAN test which is like a pre-SAT/ACT. This sucks TT_TT
    Better pointless than worse.
    Though I bet a whole bunch of other school stuff could be dumped this week.
    Tests, quizzes, more homework, bleh! -_-
    I could expect as much for a Monday.
    Amazingly my day went pretty good despite being a Monday. I only had Geometry for homework and it was pretty short so I was able to come on here today. ^^
    Muwhahahahaha! Serves him right.

    Its AMAZING! If you haven't seen it then you should! I liked it MORE than Samurai7 and I LOVED Samurai7. X3

    I'm very critical of what I watch. :3
    Yes perhaps it'd be wise to avoid further conspiriting against that jerkface. He ain't worth the trouble. :mad:

    I'm good. I'm watching Ergo Proxy right now. Pino iz teh bomb! Me wanna raep Vincent. >:3

    Meh favorite Tobey movie was Pleasentville. Fiona Apple's version of Across the Universe was amazing. I actually leiked it more than the original Beatles version.
    Congrats on the plat. upgrade. Anyway, I think I'm gonna start coming on more often. Things have just been a little crazy with the PSATs and all. But, at least it's over.
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