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  • It was nicely written for the prologue =3 i would continue reading on XD
    That good to hear =3. I have been fine as well =3 not much happening recently XD
    Did you intend on restarting the AxelxSaix FC?
    That was like my school actually. Only offered in fall, but it was always in the way of other class I could only get in the fall.

    Conflict & Group Management sounds awesome. I think that should be mandatory for every major. -always has problems with groups-
    Yeah...Communication Theory is definitely sociology/anthropology/if you plan on doing jobs that deal with media. o_o Idk why your parents are so on you to take that, when it does nothing for actual communication. Does well for marketing, though.
    Sorry for the late reply i read the prologue of the fanfiction it was pretty cute =3. Lea losing to Isa and being forced to be bossed around by him XD. How have you been recently?
    I break brains a lot! :D

    If I buy Type-0, I'm buying it for that really cute lance guy. XD

    Speaking of SMT, I really want a new game to come out. D:

    Aqua, Riku, and Mickey seem likely. People have been begging for a Mickey scenario for some years now. :D I want to see what new skills Aqua will get, and I'm always happy when I get to play as Riku.
    lmao. I can imagine because I'm always explaining Glee to my mom. "So why did the cute gay boy switch schools?" "There is a bully at the other school." "Doesn't he like the other cute gay kid?" "Yes." "But didn't he like the boy on the football team?" "Which one?" "Uhh..." "Well, Kurt kinda liked Sam, the blond one. Then there is Puck but why did I mention him?...And Finn, but they are brothers now." "Oh. When was that?" "That episode where they were singing Marry You by Bruno Mars." "The cute short singer whose songs never stop playing?" "Hush, the show is back on." "Bu--" "SHHHH."

    Lol! DREAM DROP DISTANCE. Sounds like a J-Pop/K-Pop song. :D And BBSv2 sounds interesting but I'm wondering how they will pull it off. Sounds really fascinating to go to the worlds in RoD, and it is pretty obvious there will be multiple scenarios. Just who I wonder lol.

    Final Fantasy Agito XIII was such a better name than Type-0, but that is okay because now it never really felt like a XIII game to me.

    I'm pretty excited over Versus now that there is more information, albeit that 8 min trailer still wasn't enough to quell my thirst for the game. I've always been excited but hearing their voices made things more real.

    Mmmm...armpit...I mean...Her feather skirt is very pretty! And it does seem like X-2. I'm hoping it is waaaaaay better than X-2 though. I think it might be, but it is diverging from what we know in the first game. But i think it will contain most of the stuff they cut from XIII in the first place so that makes me happy.

    The half-skirt is there to look pretty and swish when they move.

    Lightning: WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU~
    Vanille: Oh, Light~ Let's treasure hunt! -jumps up in down in her booty shorts and new super sexy Gran Pulse outfit, but with more fur half skirt-
    Fang: Whatever...-runs hand through hair-
    Lightning: I CAN'T HEAR YOU~
    XD When I saw it I was like "Wait, what was that? Looked like Lightning but..." Then it was and I was like "And KH didn't make headlines but this game does?"

    Yeah, I'm sorta nervous about that chance because it is pretty high. Please no needless making Light sexy with mega sex appeal lines.

    D: And that'd be no fun if your parents barged in all of the time. Especially if they saw her then came in and it is a pretty shifty scene like the scene with Karofsky making out with Kurt.
    What is this? I don't even--

    Lo :D So true. We need to talk more. I think it is fail that your parents don't think it is worthwhile to watch Glee because Charice isn't on there and now she is coming back so they might start intruding on your show.
    Lt. Commander and he's in the Navy, specifically JAG. I live in North Carolina right now. ^_^ Finally in a house that's not in a military base. xD But Dad works at Norfolk, so he spends most of his time up there and comes down during the weekends.
    I'm still a military brat, though Dad's retiring in a few years. xD I lived in Sasebo (can't remember the name of the base xD) and Okinawa (Kadena Air Base) Lived in Japan for 5 years. :D
    Nice. xD Can't wait to see the drawing! :D

    BTW, do you really live in Japan? :D I used to live in Japan, though a different area than the one mentioned in your sig.
    Same for me XD I don't know if i can run a club well.

    Wow that nice. You can give me the link i would read the fan fiction.
    Yea i know she left which is pretty sad. Why don't we ask the admin if we can restart a new Axel/Saix club then one of us can reopen the club =)

    Wow that nice i would love to see fanarts and fanfictions on them. I love the both of them more after playing BBS
    Nope, I honestly think that thing would bore me :|
    I need the big-boy games :D
    Unfortunately :p
    So BBS is good? Nice.
    I hope they put it on a major platform >.>
    I CBA to purchase the minor systems JUST for the KH games...
    When you complete the game, tell me everything that went down :)
    What's your email, btw?
    Yeah, I guess the mods here really don't like me.
    My posts are being edited to say dumb shit like "I'm a faaaaaaaaaaag."
    It's all good though.
    How've you been?
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