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  • Thanks!

    I will! I’m just holding off on reading any fanfics because I don’t want spoilers. Although I’m willing to admit I don’t trust Ardyn, something about him screams snake to me.
    Yeah I agree and Iggy does seem to be you. I think I’m on chapter nine or something?

    Also FYI: Andrew can use a lot of the summons from 15 since that’s the world he’s originally from. He moved to Machinecken when he was about ten.
    lol i was really excited when the Frozen trailer came out and then Pirates came the next day and blew me away!
    I know I’m loving the game so far, especially the dynamic between the boys (Prompto and Noctis are my favs). Okay, I thought it was a general statement but I just wanted to double check.

    Yeah I know what you mean! XD I’m just hoping they revisit the Assassin’s Creed event in FFXV (I’ve been playing 15 over the last couple of months, thus the inspiration for Andrew summoning Ramuh the way he did).

    Also Andrew can’t use the keyblade, and he’s one of the guards but he thinks his brother-in-arms is being crazy so he’s helping the visitors.

    Although if I may, do you remember the name of the party you’re a part of for Chi?
    Followed! :) and your welcome, i need good kh fanfic in my life

    Oh same here dude, it looks so good. I adore the world selection so far
    Yeah I know what you’re talking about, just from the tiny bit I’ve seen.

    *facepalm* Team, whoops. Silly typos. I meant are you part of a team?
    Ooo you have a tumblr? What's your name we can be mutuals! What's going on in January?

    I'm doing pretty well! On vacation atm! Also your Road to Dawn story was super good dude!
    Sorry for the confusion. It’s dark and snowing, something that isn’t quite normal like I had Andrew saying.

    It’s just influencing the weather, it’s not going to impact the fate of the world based on what me and Magic have planned.

    Although do you play the mobile game Chi?
    You’re welcome! And your template is accepted. I know I’m looking forward to rping with you again, it was so fun last time. Um, sorry if that came out weird.
    Yes, I saw that; I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about. You'll do fine. And now Terra's grumping way back in my head, but who cares about that? XD
    Don't I know that one; I'm looking at how'd we get to July already. Wasn't it March just last week? XD And let's see, work, school, reading, writing... Well, that hasn't changed at least. XD
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