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  • Alright. I've been really busy with work, due to the holidays, so it's fine. Since December's about to hit, I would like for us to try to get the Roleplaying Awards moving again.
    Your welcome, Rena! lol. XD Since I don't have a camera at my disposal right now, I'll just paste it below! XD <3 (I'm happy it makes you happy! I love art like this, so you should definitely feel proud of making it! I like opening up my laptop now, because it's a really great picture, and I love Gravity Falls so much!) That'd be so cool if you did. Mable is so adorable and such a sweetie. <3 I imagine it was. Do you use photo shop or something to make artwork like this? (I'm a total newbie in things like this.)

    Two things! One, I absolutely everything you made in your thread! I'm starting to crush on your Bill drawings. xD Two, I'm using one of your drawings as a screen saver on my laptop, because it's so damn cool and badass. <3 I also think it's genius how you have Mable changing sweaters! Especially the one of Bill! And then there's Dipper! <333 Anyways, I'll get to your PM soon. Watching the new DW episode right now. :D Hope you're doing good!
    I know the feeling.

    Well, I got past the episode with the puppet show Mable put on in episode 4 of season 2. I really like it a lot. The theme song is what hooked me into watching the show non-stop until internet gives me trouble. (Somehow, I don't have that problem with my iPod touch. lol.) I agree with you there. Bill is one heck of an evil dorito. Is it true there's only going to be season two and there won't be a season three? :O Doritos are tasty.

    Yup, doing better, and working my way through stuff. (Yup, totally cool to follow my tumblr page. xD Thanks! I like yours a lot, since you go by zetta a lot from what I can tell.)

    I don't think you can reply to notes. There is the envelope on the upper corner where you can message people, or fan mail, I think. I'm still learning how to use tumblr myself, since I only acquired it this year, then had to fumble around till it made sense to me. xD Awesome! I look forward to your prompt, Rena! =D
    You're welcome as well! I started watching gravity falls, so doing my best to avoid spoilers. I really want to ask if the person in your picture is really a evil dorito or not. I'm on episode 11 now of the first season. =3

    Yeah, sometimes its easy to put messages off or forget about them for a time too. Hard habit to break indeed. xD Sometimes you just got to start a message over too.

    I'm glad you were doing well! I'm doing better than yesterday or the following few days. :3 (Yay! Aww, thank you for following me back! *wiggles in my office chair* I know my tumblr name is an unusual one. lol.) I don't mind, and I'll take your word on it being so awesome, amazing, and heart breaking. lol.
    Thank you, Rena! Both are perfect! I'm going to take a nap, but wanted to tell you that real fast! =D Thanks for the hard work and getting them done in such a short time! Also, your user title is funny. XD
    You're way too kind, Rena. I'm both sweet and sour. Kind of like sweet n sour chicken. lol.

    No problem! I'm similar like that with messages, editing, contests, or roleplays. Always behind on one of them. So that's why I get it. xD (Its a hard habit to break, but ah well, life goes on~)

    Anyhow, how're you doing today? :) I hope you don't mind, but I've started following you on tumblr! I'm known as Captain Caboose.
    Hiya =)

    Hope everything is going well. I'm sorry I'm overdue on that template. Unfortunately, I had to go into an Eye laser Operation just last Saturday, and because of it I didn't have any ability to access the web until like last Monday and for a very limited amount of time so I wasn't able to finish my template (which is like 75% done).

    I can try and pull it off next week (was told I can get back to normal activities by then) and hopefully get rollin' with the RP xD. If this is not convenient, it is quite alright if I'm out of the race for the embodiment spot, and I totally understand it :)
    In that case, its okay, and I understand if things get crazy. =D So don't push yourself too hard or anything. I can still get my threads up without them until you've got them done for me to post in the threads officially. Therefore, you're good, and I hope you're doing okay as well! No, no~ Its easy to do something like that then not make do on it; I've been there several times, I do it all the time, and its okay! So please, don't apologize! Don't want to make someone as sweet as you sad! <3
    So banners... Yay or Nay? No pressure or anything, but was wondering how they were coming along. :3 *wiggles*
    Kyaho! Thankies senpai! :D I should get some introduction post for her later. And a chance encounter of Fuyu and Lady Xiang after Traverse Town.
    No worries! I figured you might be busy. After all, it is the weekend. XD

    Awesome! I look forward to seeing how the both of them turn out! I don't mind at all! Add KH Halloween Stuff to it all you like! Like I said, you have freedom to do with the banners as you like! C: Again, thank you for taking the time to do them! <3

    Nah, it's alright! I was without wi-fi yesterday, and I was sick over the weekend. Therefore, take your time! c:
    Hey Rena! I was reading through the XIIIth Embodiment templates, and I noticed that we currently have two people at rank 4 (here and here).

    It doesn't look like either of them has posted yet, just wanted to let you know! Also, I couldn't figure out who the thirteenth spot was for, but I figured you had that on lock~

    Hope this helps! Pumped to get back into RPing a bit.
    I had a feeling that a Guard Armor would show up eventually, Traverse Town is always the best place to have one show up first, so it made sense when I first wrote the post, that there would be one drawn to the presence of both Keyblades together in the Third District.

    I'm glad you like it, new Sleif is really more like a laidback version of the old one, and much nicer. lol He would definitely take up the role of standing by Rena's side if she needed help. ^^
    lol No need to be sorry, I'm happy you were able to go with the initial idea of the Armor moving into the District, feel free to go ahead if anything looks like it in the future. ^__^ I'm having fun with the new Sleif here, I want to try and get that kind of Guardian/Brother role we started a bit in Arcana here in the rp too. ^^
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