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  • See I'm just a total flop at math. The only degrees I'd do well at aren't that helpful with jobs. I'd love to double major in art and theater though
    Oh man, as long as you have good teachers, they're incredibly fun sciences. If a geology major didn't require me to take calculus and chemistry, I'd do that in a heartbeat.
    Actually its not that bad because i am off school for a week yay and oh which of your classes r not fun MegaWallFlower :3
    Oh man science is my enemy xD well except for astronomy and geology. I'm Extremely good at those. Everything else not so much lol
    That's okay. I know you're busy a lot lately, so I didn't want to nag you into responding.
    And my head-canon was that you were so engrossed in Food Wars that you were still reading to this very day, unable to respond to anyone. xD

    Well, everyone's taste in art is different. I'm sure you could draw something that could appeal to Robin too. :3
    I think Oda must have definitely lurked on this forum and stole my idea! It's the only explanation.

    That's hard to say. There's so many mon with so many variations in what kind of shinies look cool. The two worst kinds of shinies, however, are where the shiny version looks virtually identical to the non-shiny version, or they just paint it green. Green is a terrible shiny pokemon color for some reason. xD

    That's good that you're still going on then. My days have been okay, been putting in a lot of overtime at work, so at least I'm making some more money lately.
    A couple of days ago on the thread "Dad" you replied to the same post I did (you corrected it; I was acting annoyed (really wasn't)).
    I tried to major in that and failed sooooo badly. Same story with psychology. Then got licensed in massage therapy. I'm very indecisive lmao
    That's what I'm hoping for. She was a little bummed last night cause Steph was off camping so they didn't get to talk much and I had to distract her.

    Xehanort is Frieza confirmed? Then Goofy confirmed for martyr. But... Yes. Sora just turns right into Cloud. xD Keyblade transforms into the Buster Sword. Sora gains Limit Breaks. ....RIKU TURNS INTO SEPHIROTH. But silliness aside. SOMEONE needs to be marked by this passage of time, and Terra's got to be it. Like we said, Aqua's the same, Ven's the same, but Terranort has been shown to have aged. I don't want some Deus Ex Machina Star Wars style "He reverted to his form from when he originally fell". Like, no. You are not George Lucas. Don't do this. Please, don't do this. Thinking about it, I'd love to see Vanitas and Sora in the same scene just for the difference in delivery...

    Well, back in those days, Ponce De Leon was convinced that the Fountain of Youth was in Florida, so.

    Yes, unfortunately, your clever wordsmithing was rendered moot. The sentiment does remain, though. And damn right we get to talk about how awesome Roxas is.Forever my favorite Kingdom Hearts character. As far as I am concerned, Sora can go suck an egg. He better not get shortchanged, though... If anyone doesn't deserve that, it's him.

    Demyx already got a lazy pronunciation xD. I can't imagine the others... Larxene seems to follow Marluxia, so maybe if he deemed it worth the effort, she would help too. I actually really liked Marluxia, especially once he got a voice. His voice is so different from his appearance, and it works really well. He's like Xemnas, but without the same.. Cadence I guess? It's not quite the same, but they seem really similar at times.

    It might be bad etiquette but it would still be funny. "WHY DID YOU THINK IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO SHOVE IT SO FAR UP THERE THAT YOU COULDN'T RETRIEVE IT?!" Eventually, it would probably wear off. Then just make offhand comments like "Welp. I see kids these days are into using cucumbers..."
    Well they aren't official. Yet. It's on the way, though...

    YES that is EXACTLY what I'd love to see as the final attack. It's just so perfectly fitting for this kind of thing. As long as Xehanort doesn't pull a Frieza, survive, and kill... Donald or something. Then Sora goes whatever the Kingdom Hearts equivalent of a Super Saiyan is. I'd lose my shit. As far as Terra, goes though that is a really good point. I'd imagine he would HAVE to have aged. Xehanort as Ansem knew him clearly aged. I mean look at the flashbacks and art of him we see. Terra's not as young as he was. And if they pull some kind of crap and retroage him, I will be mad. Aqua and Ven have not aged, we've seen that. But we've seen that Terra's body aged. Old Terra ftw. Vanitas and Roxas DO have entirely different personalities. Vanitas was a true breath of fresh air, man. I really loved HJO's performance as him. It felt really awkward at first, but it grew on me. I think it was meant to sound that way, especially the laugh.

    That, and all of the retirees. Florida: God's Waiting Room.

    Well I just explained that to you elsewhere so, that's a thing. And I don't think I've ever heard someone manage to turn a gift into something selfish. That's quite impressive. xD If it makes you feel any better, though, I feel like there is no reason I'm still alive. Like, I've told people this too, but I honestly think if I actually cared about myself any more, then I would've been dead a long time ago. Apathy, bruh. Not worth the effort.

    Relena works. Imagine Demyx though. Or Luxord. They'd all have such stupid names. I didn't consider the whole 'enemy of my enemy' thing, but that sounds pretty accurate to how it would go down. Demyx would be too lazy to fight and Luxord would be busy gambling...

    I don't think I'd be able to keep a straight face. I jsut... The things some people decide to stick up their ass... It's too hilarious.
    Ya know Mega, after reading today's One Piece chapter, I've come to a startling conclusion. Kanjiro, the samurai traveling with the straw hats, totally ripped off the powers I gave you in the road trip story! And I bet you could totally draw better then him too.
    You are awesome, and sweet, and cute, and smart, and awesome! Never, ever, ever forget that. Every day, you are a gift. A treasure. You'll have issues, and you'll fall down a few times, but you'll get back up, and if your tired, and sad, that's okay, I won't force you to be happy. But Im sure you'll put your best foot forward.
    Well, I have to get off on midnight and I'm already on a game so... I'll be sure to do it tomorrow.
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