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  • It's 1:09 AM for me right now. And I think you can think of something. I kind of powerplayed abit by telling your character to do something so I apologize for that.
    if it didnt work how did i beat persona 3 then? >:D

    dont worry kid you'll get better at it~

    lawl i love invisibility tho~
    for me there was it had info on DmC! also some 3D kh. could check what kinda game you lookin for?
    It is? Just seems so intimating tho :| thanks that encourages me a bit or gives me a boost in confidence that I wouldn't make a fool outta myself for trying.

    Alright, will keep that in mind.

    Right, just need some help in covering the basics. Let me think about it first and I'll get back to you on my decision.
    not really just gotta go bout it right~

    haha actually -accepts lollipops- that was the trap you gave them away X'D

    alright i guess. not now~ worked ;_;
    nah oh i got a gameinformer book!
    thats why you use items to avoid that emergency.

    -sigh- alright fine -hands bag back-

    HELLO! how is you sir?
    Cause was thinking of making one myself.

    Earlier was interested at the thought of a kh rp or even a Naruto RP but changed my mind.

    Really!? Thanks X] could use the help in making one.
    Hey long time since I seen you around, was wondering if you would be interested in a Full Metal Alchemist RP?

    Might take you up on that offer but prefer a canon RP at the moment.

    Or maybe a Durarara RP? What do you think Masa? Sorry your probably busy but wanted to know if you think either would be a cool idea.
    Which post? :3 And thanks~

    You see lots of cotton really close to where I live, so you can see them driving by, too. There's even a cotton field in front of the school!

    I sure you will. *U*U It just takes some time, but it'll all be worth it soon! R-really? you think so? Thanks!

    When you look around there, just be careful. There are a ton of different types of posts and pictures on there, you may run into something you didn't want to see if you're not careful.

    Not where I live, no. xD Maybe somewhere near Little Rock. It's a big city. To me, at least.

    Thanks! :D I hope to be done relatively soon~

    Hehe, hooray~
    no not for his electricity attacks you pick him cause if you max out his link his persona looses all elemental weaknesses like youske and chie. i was the attacker in P3 yukari was my healer.
    i never used charm at all til that boss fight and never after it. all the bosses have a "easy" strategy to them somewhere.

    -done has your bag and is licking lollipop- pssh you got a lot to learn bout trolling kid~

    >: make a note!

    hahah theres also always that exception~

    XD here: Majora's Mask: Stray Fairies learn from it.

    haha that was erika having yaoi fantasies bout them XD
    shinra is weird tho~
    so have you ever played DMC?

    in all honesty if this is your first play thru its best to use kanji instead of her naoto is like for that 2nd play thru after you've got a persona for every situation XD like my main character can be the healer, damage dealer, or magic boss yo. ah i see i had that same problem more than once however i learned a few can be defeated in the easiest ways like one floor boss that had three enemies at once you can charm them and they'll turn on each other.

    haha suuuuure :rolleyes:

    -gasp- AGAIN!?

    ha aint been cracked yet.

    you do know if you hit those green jars on the goron race track that it'll refill your magic right? theres also a great fairy that doubles your magic to.

    X;D i loved that! he didnt even give his son marrying a dullahan a second thought he's just all "CALL ME FATHER IN LAW!"
    yes didnt know you knew dante~ thanx.

    yes but her draw back is that her magic takes a lot of mp so she runs out quickly. how'd you get around them!? o,0


    you missed it!? korra is cool.


    you dont know bad til LS. XD whatever floats your boat~
    psssh that just means whatever is inside must be valuable. confidential info~

    thats still easy get the gold sand from the race in the morning of 1st day then go straight to workshop and get the razor sword then immediately give it back with gold sand and boom by 3rd day your a boss and wont lose your sword.

    XD haha shinra's father~ he made me lol every time he talked.
    Rain is good down here, unless it's too much. There are a lot of crops in this area, the sunshine and rain help them grow up big and strong. :D

    True, true. I'll just keep at it and reach 1000 eventually. *U*

    You have to be super careful... >.> <.< That was lucky, though, I almost kept reading. :3 It's um... :d A social site where everyone... keeps a blog thing...so to speak? They can post pictures and comments and pretend to be someone else like Kairi or Courage... hard to describe, kinda. :c

    I'd like to try it at least once. It sounds like a very interesting experience. :D

    Kind of, except those aren't one of them. ;)

    Oh, I was going to ask when you got out, but I guess my question's irrelevant now. Hehe.
    naoto is good cause her persona is all light and dark attacks. yeah but they only good for one hit so its better to make sure all your team is not hurt extra by elements to be safe.

    so you did like it weirdo~

    no korra isnt related to any of them however katara did teach her water bending. korra is the new avatar~

    psssh who could like her. i know at the end she got better but damn all the rest the time -_-

    [IMG] you'll know once you've been exposed enough.

    oh it did...a raging impression. kh2FM is worth it its just a matter if your willing to do things to your ps2 and pay to get it.
    no she's just a bonus~ like her sister in FF13-2<3
    getting the milk is easy the only problem is it costs 200 and to get it you have to do the two farm missions every time. yes its the most powerful sword you can have, cause you dont look fool! XD
    then play the song of time backwards and it'll slow down time.

    XD shizou was awesome, celty was funny at times to.
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