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  • I'll through out a couple for those categories.

    Cover band/rock: afterIMAGE
    Melodic/classic rock: Quartet
    Hard rock/metal: Our Procession
    Cover band only: Into Again Over
    I thought of a really good band name today.

    Seconds, Minutes and Hours

    My band would still be Urban Myth, though.
    What we need to do is make a gigantic sheet music compilation of awesome drum tunes. Record you doing the whole thing.
    I just go with it.

    I think my body creates some sort of party adrenaline when there's music, people and dancing.

    I enjoy the spotlight on occasions. It's most often at parties when I'm stealing the dance floor. Believe it or not, I am actually a great freestyle dancer.
    I'm a good actor. Both actual acting and voice acting.

    I've been in plays and stuff.
    It would be awesome if we had enough money and time to act out scenes from Darkest Hour.
    I've heard about FanFiction.net, and it sounded cool and all, but I don't know if I'd use it for Radiance. Does it support colored text?
    i saw the rep you gave for Brittle Bullet
    i was curious if you were going to read all the way through

    I'm writing Radiance as a form of advertisement, I suppose. I really just want to get it out there, so that I can have fans.
    My problem is that I envisioned Radiance as a game, without chapter splits or book-style transitions. Adding those in is hard because I already have such a strong idea of what I want it to be like.
    Except little things like chapter transitions. I'm a bit stumped after dinner at the Windfalls/Roselights.
    I haven't read anything of Raven's, but I assume that's an accomplishment. Thank you.

    The problem is that it takes a lot of time and thinking to write, the former of which I don't as much of as I'd like.
    Seriously. It's been holding up my progress on Radiance. I'm nearly a week late!
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