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  • Seriously? Who the heck sends an assignment at, like, 12am? XD

    But at least it's got a silver lining in that there's still some time to prepare, just as you said. What's the presentation going to be about? And don't jinx it... experience shows that saying "nothing to do yet" is likely to build up into "I wish I had done this earlier", hahaha...
    手伝う is "to help", and this is called the dictionary form, the most basic form of all Japanese verbs. It can be inflected to what's called potential form, 手伝われる, that means "to be able to help". It inflects again to 手伝われて to conjunct with 良かった to mean "it's good that I was able to help". There are a set of formulae for all this stuff that you need to remember, haha. で can also be used, and it would cause the sentence to mean "it's good that I can help other players by means of the guide". With で, the guide becomes a method.

    Haha, don't feel guilty. You're playing because you have nothing to do, and it's not a bad thing in itself. There isn't anything to prepare for school, though?
    That's a close one! It means "it's good (良かった) that I can help (手伝われて) other players (他のプレイヤーを) with the guide (ガイドに)". Wow, the structure of the English sentence is almost backwards... XD

    Actually, guess what? Right now I only have 1,213,695 blocks in possession, and have collected "only" 3,205,838 blocks since the event started. For all intents and purposes, your gummi count is actually higher than mine. I guess it's because of the combination between my slacking this week to save up on Ethers and the fact that I can only attend the 2h LUT during weekdays. XD
    こんばんは!ガイドに他のプレイヤーを手伝われて良かった~ (I challenge you to find out what it means, haha.)

    I didn't keep track on the amount of boosters I had spent today, though I did on Ethers. I believe the number is... 108, and it keeps going and going until tomorrow ends. I'm predicting that by the end of Sunday I will have spent at least 230 Ethers. @_@

    How many blocks do you have right now? Thanks to my Ether spending spree, just this one day I gained about 700,000 blocks! XD
    Ah, yeah, you did. I somehow remembered it as being in your room instead, haha.

    Like mine.
    Hmm... so you're a camper, huh? Only getting out from the room to eat, drink, bathe, and do business. XD
    I'll just use her laptop when she's sleeping or away. I know her password. Yup, I'm such an evil brother, haha.

    Nah, she gave it to me.
    Nah, I didn't submit anything. Even this avatar was made by superimposing the Chip and Dale image on a backdrop that I made long ago. I was too lazy to tinker around, haha... that, and I don't have Photoshop on my PC; I have to borrow my sister's laptop for that and she almost never lets go of it. :p
    To KHI members, yes. But not to the general public out there beyond the confines of our walls. Once we've decided on which forumgoer-made avatar to use, that's when the account will roll out, haha. And of course I'm not the only one handling it; after all, there are two Chi staff members here, haha.

    Why don't you try entering the avatar contest? ;)
    Later, later, haha. I'm still trying to come up with an interesting tweet for our Twitter. I want to create an "illusion" of activity before the account's official launch to the public. :p
    Yeah... used to do that as well for 12 years during my elementary, junior, and senior high schools. It wasn't until when I enrolled in the university that I got to truly enjoy what Saturday truly holds for us, haha. Also, nap time is a must to catch up, because during working days I can't afford to take a nap! XD
    You know, there are only two days in a month where I can sleep and wake up late. This particular Saturday is one. The next will be three weeks from now, haha. On Sundays I have to wake up early for Mass, and other Saturdays, I have classes. :p

    The newer areas haven't been added yet because... I believe of time constraint. Since there are only maps of the more familiar areas introduced at the very beginning of the game, I think it's safe to assume that the page will not be updated in the near future, haha...
    I could say that, but right now I'm already very tired, haha... I really could use some relaxing massage. I'm already marvelling at how truly comfortable it would be...

    Actually... the main site has already had its own materials guide (at the bottom of the page). It's really easy to understand as it shows the exact spot on the map where the sparkling spots are. However, the silver lining is that there are still a few newer maps missing, like Deep Dark Forest, newer areas of the Mines, Dusk Desert, Scarab Hill, Fallen Tree, Backyard Turf, and it's still completely missing Daybreak Town and Olumpus Coliseum.

    If you want to make a guide, then as long as you can cover those still missing areas, then go for it! You don't have to do it like on the main site, but it would actually be great if you could. In case you want to do it, you can make use of the full images of each map that you can find here.
    Yeah, so tired after sharing my wisdom to other people! Haha. But as you said, TGIF! No class tomorrow and I can focus on spending lots upon lots of Ethers to farm gummi blocks~
    Haha, well. That's what I applied for, a trainer for science subjects. Not gonna complain here as I find it fun and engaging all the same! It's just that it's tiring, but at least I was tired from being pleased.

    ... tired from being pleased. Something's wrong with those words...

    Which items have you bought out of the gummi shop? I'm still waiting until the last second to spend my gummi blocks just in case something else would be introduced. Right now I'm eyeing the skills that I still haven't bought yet and probably some Orichalcums as well. I wish they had more FGM SR, though!

    And thanks for following~ ;)

    Training, training everywhere! It's the early dates of the months, so science teachers from far and wide came to the HQ to seek my wisdom, hahaha.

    The trial missions, I already cleared the beginner ones. They were a drag. A real drag. I couldn't finish the harder ones, such as killing L555 in 1 turn, L666 in 2, or even L222 in 1. I just skipped them altogether. Right now, as I said, I'm at killing L333 in 1 turn, but I'm waiting for tomorrow to come so I can spam my Raise Tickets like crazy in the hopes of getting a x3 (or probably x4) boosted SR+. I hope.

    By the way, if you have a Twitter account, do follow @Daybreak_Town! It's the official Twitter account of KHI's Chi community. :D
    Again, I fell asleep! That's why you don't chat with your phone on the bed, haha.

    I actually completed my Guilt list, but boy... the L666 are just insane. Because of impatience I had even used some Mega-Potions for those guys! But the L666 are actually still better than the L55, because we only need 30 Guilt pieces. The L555 on the other hand... 500 is A LOT. >_<
    I fell asleep. XD

    Hopefully the maintenance today really will fix the issue. Eir was right in that those people who had bought the boosters with charge money must have been very displeased. Boy, if so, I wonder what the compensation will be. MORE MEGA-ETHERS!?!? PLEASE???

    Yeah, I have returned back to work. But many of the children haven't. I think they are either still out of town or simply too tired to come to class. :p
    Welcome to KHI!

    (since you have just made your first two posts outside the Chi sub-forum, haha)
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