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  • That's what everyone keeps telling me and I can't wait. Just beat 3 last night so I'll be jumping on 4 as soon as I have money for it.
    Oh yeah I've been fine man, thanks for asking. Just busy and occupied with shit, haven't had much reason for forum stuff is all.
    Thanks! :)
    By the way, where is your avatar from? I think I already saw something like it in a mobile game.
    Er- you're at Final Fantasy discussions a lot from what it looks like. And you're welcome! :)
    Well we're switching over to discord from facebook if you're interested in joining
    Oh, we totally encourage people to find the news. It's just more that we prefer it shared to us directly so we don't have multiple threads that have to be closed since we can't merge threads or posts without breaking the site lol. They still get the news hound award.

    But yeah, perhaps it does need some reworking to encourage a certain process where people still find news and get rewarded for it but doesn't mess with the site's functionality. I'll talk it over with the others to see what kind of solution we can have.
    Not the fucking Blangonga. Christ, that thing has the aggression level of an Elder Dragon.
    you can customize your profile at gold so only 3,430 posts in all actuality lmao

    the open world, climbing, aesthetic and overall design, SHIELD SURFIN. i want to see the grappling hook's function so bad
    thanks dude. just keep up what you're doing and you'll be able to edit your page quicker than you know it.

    what am i most excited for? do you mean gaming in general or just bart of the wild?
    dyin outside but livin outside my mans B )

    just beat wind waker so now i'm hyped for breast of the wild
    Well, in that thread I'm Rosalina and story is that she visits her home planet every 100 years. And thanks. =^w^=
    Not very far. I'm going on a long road trip soon and want to have a lot of quests undone to do during it.
    Oh yeah, that. YES, I must join with my fellow Lumas and venture space beyond the stars! But leaving the forums? No no no no, never.
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