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  • It's my fave so far XDD

    But my hookers sig was pretty funny too
    I am a moderator, content writer on site staff and head of site staff. So, yeah, I can have avs up to 200 x 200.
    Here's your sprite. You can put it in your sig and have it like mine but you cant put that you are a gym leader until Cloud and Riel say that its official ok. If there's anything you want me to change dont hesitate to ask.

    Nah, my friend tangerine hooked me up with it, I haven't made something on photoshop in a long time
    If you would like for me to make a gym leader sprite for you just tell me what trainer sprite you want, any colorations to it, and what pokemon you want to be beside it.(i can make the pokemon shiny also)
    yeah i watched all of e3. infamous 2, and cod black ops were the only games that really caught my attention though. play-station move looks cool but i already have a wii
    Why thank you.

    If you're asking if I drew that, then that would be a no. I have absolutely no artistic talent in body at all.
    It's actually from a comic book, The Unwritten #12. It's just a moment I thought was really funny, so I thought I'd grab a scan and crop it and chuck it in my sig. That much I did myself.
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