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    See, unlike KMA, even if you were kissing my ass, I wouldn't let it go to my head.

    I ask myself that same question- how I put up with it. I always tell myself I'm never going to post there again. Then inevitably some bullshit is spouted out there like it's common knowledge or fact, and I cave. It really never goes anywhere, and I know it won't, but at least I put my opinion out there.

    The majority of their arguments lack any substance, so it's really not hard for me to put up a rebuttal. It only becomes difficult when they drag it out to ad nauseum.

    But, yeah, thanks.
    I only Played P4 a little bit, and I got kinda bored of it.
    P3P just sucked me in, like I was amazed by the game play, and the story.
    Before I was in to P3, I said "It looks boring" BOOOY I ate my words after I beat it, hahah,.
    But yeah this game is awesome, and the story(IMO is the best out of the Persona World).
    who's your favorite character in P3?
    Well, Since P3P was the first Persona game, I liked it. I just prefer it to be more controllability over my characters than let them do what they want. and I wished that had the scenes in this, that would make it awesome :D.

    tbh, I havent completely beaten P4 yet, But I still trying to get used to it. P4 is kinda boring, to me tho. But I like it better than other games tho, I just need to get use to it.
    Well I beat P3P a few times. Counting the Female side.
    and FES I recently got, but I am not so far, since I am recording me doing it. But So far, I have to say P3P, I just like how the whole outlook of it.
    Ooooooh! The pun! And I was referring to your generalized statement. :/

    Glad we settled things out. :>
    Okay, I understand that.

    Well, Grass didn't say that, so, you're now generalizing. I also didn't say that. I only said Terra's acting could use some more work. It's as if they're making them get through the experience of voice acting those characters, possible hint that they will return to voice them in future installments?
    Again, you're taking the comment very seriously. :/
    Instead of you being offended, the one being offended were to be the actor. He's the one making a mediocre voice-acting for a series very popular, though all of the fault isn't his, Disney and Square Enix are also to blame. Anyhow, Grass was just contributing to the discussion that Terra's va isn't doing a good job
    Looks like you took that comment seriously. :/
    Grass is one of the most intelligent persons in this forum. Just because he made that comment doesn't make him stupid. He was sharing in his opinion, that you took very seriously to the extent to insult him. Either he was sharing his opinion or was being funny. But next time you don't agree with someone's opinion, if it involves insulting, then keep it to yourself, just a friendly tip.
    Ditto. All the storms that keep passing by and the watches and warnings that go with them. Not to mention it's been cloudy most of the time =P
    Aww, I live in Bellevue. Still, Nebraska is Nebraska. I've just never heard of anybody on here actually saying they're from here. Having fun over there? XP
    You're from Nebraska? :O I don't even...Eastern or western Nebraska if you don't mind me asking.
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