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  • Yes! Exactly! XD I don't mind it for one or two seasons, but 3 seasons of dancing around the issue is the point where I just stop caring anymore.

    Friends or romance is fine with me, I just like their relationship either way c: (lucky I'm not one of those insane people who go crazy if someone else doesn't agree with them on these things XD)

    ...Cyborg's Car/Cyborg... I th-think I have seen the light! Of course the greatest pairing in TT is Cyborg'sCar/Cyborg!!! The truest love of them all *_*
    Nice! I love the different styles of art in different animes, so I looking for new ones to watch.

    I gotta go, cya!
    Haha wow! That is a lot! Out of that I've watched most of Naruto(shippuden) and have heard about Hellsing. I was planning to watch Hellsing, but then band camp came around, followed by school, so I've been lazy as to start.
    I see what you mean. Yeah I can't think of any I truly dislike either.

    Ginjou made me mad when he did his whole betrayal, but I've gotten over it since then and he really is awesome, too. I completely agree, haha. I seem to always end up attached to the lost causes.
    Ah thank you. :)
    He is by far my favorite character in Bleach, if I have to have a favorite. Most of the characters a pretty likable for me.
    You get BB/Raven in the comics at least ;)

    They pushed Robin/Starfire at us from episode one pretty much, didn't they? (I'm not a fan of ships that dance around the obvious crush for the entire series, it's quite annoying)
    My personal favourite ship is Robin/Raven. They complement each other well and hold an understanding of eachother.
    Poor Cyborg XD It doesn't matter he has his best buddy Beast Boy with him.
    Wifen. :c I'm sad to say that my VMs aren't coming through at the moment at Skype. :C
    Hey! Ninjamance me and you'll get the same fate >:D

    Raven is awesome ^^ I'm not that familiar with the Teen Titans comic books(I've only read a few(Raven was bald...)) but it would have the story arc from them. I need to research ;W;
    Hmm what's your favourite ship from TT?

    It's evil :c Ashley(Character) sealed her fate for doing that to Shepard. He doesn't like it >:3

    True I love them all as well :3 I think i favour Raven, Starfire and Robin over Beast Boy and Cyborg, but I still love the two I just don't focus as much on them as the other three. It's a little sad that Starfire didn't get her own arc while all the other characters did though, but I have to say that Raven had the best story arc out of all of them. What do you think Starfire's one would have been about?

    I'm good.
    *HUGS* It's just so unfair! D:} Yep poor guy. He even gets ninjamanced through the games. What's more annoying than that ;_; *hugs again*

    Yep Teen Titans is good ;3 Who was your favourite character?
    I love me some Doctor Who *_* Anyway how are you? :D
    But it's SO annoying D: I spent hours into these things T____T 30 hours on Mass Effect only to turn around in ME:2 and have it destroyed in the first 5 minutes and I end up dead for two years! And all my friends(Except for two) who found out I was alive again was like "Oh you're alive?.... whatever good to have you back I suppose" ;__; All I wanted was a hug T__T

    Being English I can't appreciate the accent as much as you ^^; But I still love him *_*

    Hmm I like Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Spartacus, Doctor Who, Merlin(BBC), The Tudors, Torchwood, Red Dwarf, Teen Titans: Animated Series and my brain just died ;_;
    I'm not that far into it yet. I have to ask why in so many sequels the things or places I've worked on or upgraded always get destroyed DX I mean in inFamous Empire City is destroyed, AC:Brotherhood my villa is destroyed, Mass Effect 2 the Normandy ship is destroyed! I work on them for an entire game and in the next they are destroyed in the first 1 hour DX
    (I'll never meet him unfortunately :C)

    My Alistair *__* <3 <3 <3

    I'm the same ;) Although Mass Effect is the only shooter I'll play. I like RPGs, Action/Adventure, I like games where I get to run up to the enemy and wack them in the face XD
    Any TV shows you like?
    I would get it, but I just brought inFamous 2 a little while ago and I need to save up for the upcoming games. Maybe at some point I'll play it. (You are right I do not know who that is XD)

    Oh and be prepared for the great character Alistair known to own the hearts of millions of fangirls around the globe(It's impossible to resist him! >_<) <3
    I'm not a big fan of playing on th DS, it hurts my hands after a while ;-; Well what sort of games are you interested in? RPG? Adventure? Action? Shooters?

    I've never had the chance to play Portal.

    Tis why they are on my favourites ;) You definitely should play it! I will warn you though that at two points in the origins game you will suffer, these points are the Magi Tower and the Deep Roads. Best be prepared XD Are there any other games you're interested in?
    Thanks ^^

    I played the first 3 Spyros when I was younger on the PS1, such a long time ago ;_; You'll get to passable gamer someday ^^;
    Mine are Assassin's Creed Series(My favourite of all <3), Dragon Age Series, Mass Effect Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, Batman: Arkham asylum and probably some others that I can't think of right now ;D
    Languages just don't seem to be for us ;_;

    That's good ^^ I have a little bit of a stomach ache right now.
    So what are some of your favourite games?
    That's the english speaking world! "Pfft learn another language? Why?" :p I personally have no talent for learning other languages(Seriously, I took 3 years of french and only know how to say my name XD)

    That's around a 6 hour difference I think.

    So how are you today?
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