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  • I may not be able to look up and give sources today/tonight although I will try to. And as for your middle portion in that last post, I agree and think you're correct.
    ....bullied at church...thats whats wrong with america!!! wish i could help, but all i can do is wish you good luck, so, good luck!sleep.sleep. sleep some more, watch james and the giant peach (im going on a 90's movies craze i think), talk about an rp with someone, sleep, find time to do some homework, then finally and most importatnly, sleep. what about you?
    good, im going to be watching the best ever tom and jerry movie here in a minute. how are you doing?
    ooohhhhh*dosent pay attention to names that i dont talk to*

    it means i still dont know what i want to do with my life!*thumbs up*............
    of course theres growing evil in my heart!for i do not own a 3ds to play kh3ds on!!!

    i started collage today, and its okay, i had to go do chores too.
    thanks for the rating!XD it was about time i changed it anyways...my horrible old drawing was starting to irk me...

    I don't have long, but I'm so glad I caught you! It's been going satisfactory, I think. Not super great, but I'm enjoying myself and adjusting well. :3 How are things with you?
    Added your friend code, mine's in the Nintendo thread right beforeyour last post,in case you didn't see.
    Oh, yeah, Society can be a harsh phenomenon. Some ex-convicts/addicts try to rehabilitate themselves into society, but they're rejected. =/

    Nope. Never had and won't need them unless I suffer an accident that involve my teeth.

    Not unlike my what? And yeah, curiosity is good, Mentalists exercise quite well and get them everywhere. ;>
    They definitely were, my aunt managed to haggle and get better prices. My mom and I just aren't good at that. XP

    :d Makes sense. Wonder how I'd handle it.

    Nope, nothing much. You? :D
    The buildings were quite bright colors, quite a few pink and white ones, really. And the weather was mostly good, too, and the beach was great! Clean and so fun, and the people are so nice. There are a few merchants who may not be as honest as they should about prices, but that's nothing rare here either, huh?

    Braces, huh? I never had any, do they hurt? I'm trying not to do anything for now, since these are my last weeks before I head off to school.
    I ate at the buffet and watched some comedy shows and a dance show, and there was this teen club. It went to the Bahamas, and there I went to the beach for sandcastle making, wading, and seashell hunting. It was so huge, while you were inside you could easily mistake it for a hotel rather than a boat! A got to help a magician with a trick at a magic show! :D

    How about you, anything new? *u* Oh, and I sent swapnotes about my time on the boat, hopefully they arrive.
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