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  • Hehehe thank you. =w=

    Prolly gonna try to get a new bike before spring starts if I still can't drive.
    9 dollars a night is not an option.

    Like I've been saying, it's really just how shitty my bike is that bothers me.
    Not much when I need to be at work at 11 pm, though. I also hate depending on other people to get to work/school. If they can't get me there, I'm fucked and it just makes things complicated and dependent.
    Oh yes I have nice buns haha.

    But i'd just like to not have a shitty as fuck bike/have a car.
    =3= I don't mind working overnights. It's easy, I don't have to do shit, only see a couple people, full time, bonus pay...

    I'd really just prefer to be able to drive there rather than biking over with my crappy-ass bike.
    Oh good luck! I'm totally jealous if it helps.
    I feel like I'm getting less intelligent every day...

    I'm sorry. :c Are you at least getting them on used book sites?
    Oh no, its all good I can understand lol. But then if it's a personal reason is it valid then to really say that FL is a bad place to live? If it was something bad or whatever and you don't wanna speak about it, I feel u it's cool. But if it's something that would help people, like people who do live in FL then why wouldn't u kinda state what the problem is then? I'm not trying to convince u to tell me but do u see how it can be viewed as kinda silly lol? (not whatever it was, but that you say such and such state sucks to live and is bad, but I won't tell why)

    And again, I feel u and respect that u don't wanna say, but if it is an actually problem that occurs in FL, why not bring it up so others may be aware of it.
    I was born in FL then moved to WI, then just to TX last year(a place that I would not recommend lol) and then I just moved back here to FL in Feb. Why do you think FL is a bad place to live, just curious. It's not like I wholly disagree since there are things bout FL that I do not like. So how come?
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