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  • can you make me one of those sprite things please?

    i am helpless please help me i wub you :3
    Hey, hows it going? Just letting you know that the FFX-3 RP is up and running again, if you wish to return.
    hi there, everything ok?
    i wanted to know, please, what is you're signature from please... thanks
    Yo, we gotta make a call on KSX and Chromatic's "walking on water" show. :O
    Okay we like barely talk but have you seen Macabre's newest facebook picture.

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    Crimson agrees THIS IS UNCANNY.
    HIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you dont know me but I have a qestion... Do you know how to make a post?!
    Naw, I actually did go and get it. I was just on the forums for a minute or two longer.
    Taylor, I must confess from the depths of my pink fluffy soul that I do love you beyond all things.
    I want to personally wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my prayers. -hug-
    Heyyy, MAde you a little something something :3

    Hope you like <3

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