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  • Thank yku! Hope the turkey was great! ^^
    Wish I could've spent Thabksgiving at my grandparents house last year. My family always visits them, but this year I couldn't go because of my job. ;u; They made a whole bunch of candy yams for me and I missed it! QuQ

    Anyways... How are you doing? Anything new happening with you this year? :D
    Oh, I'm so glad! :D That's exactly what I was aiming for when I decided to change the process. Thank you!
    You're the first member to use our new video game award system! How did you find it? Easier or more difficult? :D
    Hey, long time no see! :D

    Just busy with holiday stuff. I'm having a late dinner then gotta go do some last minute chores for tomorrow. How have you been?
    I don't know, I'm sorry. I have no power over the awards :(

    Contact Taochan or Master Spockanort and they should be able to help you out!
    Well that's REALLY good! You sending a Christmas present?
    And what are you getting for it?
    Your welcome, Blade! That's great! I hope things keep going well for you! ^U^ So how are you doing today? :D
    It's a slow progress, but I'll be happy to be better before Thanksgiving. :)

    So, what's going on?
    That's cool. As for me, I'm doing okay; I got sick, so I'm just going to rest all day and just watch football.
    Hey, guys! :D

    Glad to know that. See, Kaga, everything will work out just like I keep on saying for some odd years. XD so what are you two up to?
    It just takes so long to make posters that I'm not sure. And posing humans is more difficult than my usual FNaF posing. They're robots and there's no facial expression to animate. It's all in the eyes. Humans have what's called 'face posing' and oh lordy is it more difficult XD Easy to make a clear expression but harder to do it.
    I'll try to work on it today. A silhouette will actually make it easier for me to light in a way, so it'll take less time. Posters normally take a minimum of 4-7 hours or so to make something decent. But when it's finished it will be wallpaper size so you can have it on your computer. I can also give you smaller thumbnails once it's done. If all goes well maybe I should start a shop lol
    Well, be a bit more specific! What do you want going on in the image? I can tell you if I'm capable of doing that or not.
    About to make a forum signature for myself actually. But I can make you a full resolution image and you can shrink it and do whatever with it you want :3
    But first: which Link and what is going on in the pic? Deity and Skull Kid facing off on the moon? Young Link and Skull kid enjoying a nice walk through the woods? I can do ALMOST anything. Sadly there is no Epona model. *sigh*
    Nah, I actually am not too bad I will admit XD
    I could make something with Link for ya. Got models for Young Link, Hyrule Warriors Link, Smash 4 Link, and Fierce Deity Link. Not to mention the Moon and Skull Kid.
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