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  • SFM stands for Source Filmmaker. It's a free application on Steam that lets you make cool stuff like this: FNaF4 2Spoopy 5Me (SFM Poster - 4K) by ChibiHearts249 on DeviantArt
    I've been playing a lot of BioShock though the second game crawls so slowly I wanna tear my hair out. Watchin movies and trying to get in he mood to type. And get in the mood to use SFM. I guess I'll just go do that now.
    Gosh Zelda 2. That game makes me want to swear off Zelda XD It's just so terrible lol. You hafta stab your exp bags to level up. AND THE GAME DOESN'T TELL YOU THAT.
    I have played all the Zelda games except the CDi games. Which I do not want to play XD
    It was the first time I played it. And it's such a beautiful and sad game. I can't believe some of the things Nintendo makes.
    No way! I don't forget that easily. XP

    Oh, wow, so she's finally got to see you, huh? That's good news. ^_^
    Dollar store, my friend! Find out if she likes apple or pumpkin, get a dollar lighter and start scenting the place up!!!

    Ooooooh, are you excited? It's so good!
    I've got a Samsung. They're literally the same as LG with a different name slapped on the cover, so yours should be pretty good!

    Ooooooh~ Make sure to light some scented candles~ The ladies really love the smell of candles ;3
    Hey, Blades! :D

    Yes, it has been a while. How are you doing? Doing anything interesting lately?
    Sup bro! Glad you can do all the wonderful text stuff! XD What kind of phone?

    I'm good! Just chillin watchin a movie right now. Anything with you?
    That's fantastic news! Congrats on getting a job. I'm happy yiu were able to finally find! ^U^ And Kags told me. I hope you both have a great time together! :D
    It's okay. I just woke up from some really bad nightmares. I'll send you a PM later.

    I think in a week. The voucher is only 94 dollars, but you might not have to pay more than 15 dollars extra if you buy them now. The closer the date, the higher the price. And since the holidays are coming, the tickets might be sold out soon. I hope it's all right that I still need some things like toothpaste and makeup. ^^;
    Okay, I will. But I think I might have given it to you before. That's okay. I'm just glad I can hear your voice again after so long.

    Oh, and you need to decide whether you want to come here, or you want me to visit you with your e-voucher. Because prices have gone way up, and you'll probably need to pay extra.
    I'm sorry I missed our chat. I'll try to be on today. I'm packing my stuff right now. I can't wait to see you. ^^
    Well, I really needed the job. xD So I'm perfectly happy with it. Especially considering how decent my hours are.
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