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  • Yeah, it wasn't easy to do. It took me a while to configure it. I don't think the forum accepts html.

    Anyway, it's rather easy if you think about it. First, choose the banner that you want. When you do, take a look at the html code underneath it. You should see something along the lines of "img src=". Copy the entire url that follows it. Go back to KHI and click on the insert image icon. Enter the url and save your sig. In order to get it to refer others, select your banner image and hit the insert image icon. Paste it and voila. Should work.
    I agree! His voice has so much power in it. Also I love that song, but I think This Is War and Hurricane are my top favorites on the album. Kanye's feature was epic.
    It was a decent ending. Pretty happy for a mecha series. The manga ending is more tragic though.
    Hmmm... That would depend. While the concept is good, does that level of technology exist? To create a program that can avoid enemy fire and attack isx really advanced, more so than gundams. This come into play more so because of the fact that the enemy pilots are human. While a computer my process data faster, a human surpasses a computer in adaptation and power. They can easily manipulate controls where as a computer require multiple programs to move. But all that aside, story should come before your mech, granted that it is a good idead to start early. That being said, will most combat be in space or in the atmosphere?
    It's all good. But do you mind if I take something from a certain video game? Say that the Gundams have a special kind of generator that grants them not only enhanced specs, but also a little something extra that makes them beyond the basic mobile suits.
    I got the PM, I just couldn't work on it at the time. I had to work on a speach that I have to give in class tomorrow. I'll work a bit on it tonight when I have nothing but free time.
    None of them really. I don't go into them with inflated expectations if I know it's a spinoff. It's hard to say which game's story I like the most. It changes depending on my mood.
    Maybe... I think I have heard of something like that. I know for a fact that in Dissidia you can change the ISO to have custom songs in it. I did it.
    Yeah there are a few great games on PSP. Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions, Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and maybe a few others I can't remember right now.

    And I use M33, not HEN, but I do here pretty good things about it.
    Well since you're not 18, I can't think of any payment method that would work (I think you have to be 18 for a money order too).
    I tried talking to OmniChaos and Chaos, but not with much luck. We should be alright, though. She gave us the framework to continue on, we don't necessarily need to follow things through to the letter. Don't worry, I've had more than one time where I needed to take over a roleplay in order for it to survive.
    Try going to PSPISO.com they have tons of tutorials and stuff like that. I didnt downgrade from 6.20 so I dont know if I could help that much.
    I may need a bit more info in order to help. Please tell me what youre current firmware is as well as whether its a phat or slim.

    PSPFiler 6.0
    Daedalus x64
    Snes Emulator
    PSP Bookr
    PSP Word
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