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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keyhole

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Dec 22, 2008
Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

I'm gonna bring Terra back in chapter 6 or 7.

I'm aiming for 15 chapters in this story.


Dec 22, 2008
I decided to bring Terra back now so here it is Chapter 5

Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keyhole
Chapter 5:

Kairi and the queen were running through the hallways of Disney Castle.
Kairi stopped running and was trying to catch her breath when a man in armor ran up behind her.
"Watch out!" yelled the queen.
Kairi turned around and pulled out her Keyblade to defend herself.
"Terra, stop!" cried the queen.
"She's with you, your majesty?" asked Terra.
"Yes, she's the Keyblade wielder's friend"
"Oh, I had no idea she was a friend of Sora's, I am sorry... Kairi"
"It's okay, it's very nice to meet you Terra"
Terra smiled as he looked at Kairi but when he looked at her he saw his friend Aqua who had died in the Keyblade War along with his other friend Ventus.
"Is something wrong Terra?" asked Kairi as Terra just sat there and stared at her.
"Oh, nothing, it's just you look like my friend Aqua except you have red hair"
"You miss her don't you?" asked the queen.
Terra got up and ignored the question the queen asked him.
"So, what are you doing here Terra?" asked Queen Minnie.
"I heard the king and Sora are looking for The Lost Keyhole" replied Terra.
"Well I think I know where it is"
"Really, where?"
"I'm not sure just yet but I'm getting close"
Back on the Gummi Ship Sora is still worried about Riku.
"Riku will be fine, trust me" said Goofy.
"We're here!!" yelled Mickey.
Sora got up from his seat and wiped his eyes.
"We gotta find Leon, he should be here by now"
The group arrived in the First Distict.
No one was there, it was like a ghost town.
"What happened here?" asked Sora.
A burst of fire came out of the Second District.
"Let's see what's going on!" yelled Donald.
They headed to the Second District, when they got there Heartless were all over setting fires and taking civilians hearts.
"We've gotta fight!" said Sora and the group ran to the Gizmo Shop and started to fight Heartless.
They went into the hotel after they defeated all the Heartless outside.
Sora went in the Green Room and he found Leon and Aerith tied together with tape over their mouths and blind folds over their eyes.
"Leon, Aerith!" yelled Sora.
Donald and Goofy ran in the room to see what was going on.
Sora untied them and took the tape and blind folds off of them.
"What happened to you?" asked Donald.
"Heartless.... they were all over, there was too many of them" said Leon breathing heavily.
"Is Maleficent behind this?" asked Sora.
"I don't know" replied Aerith.
"Let's go find the others, come on!" yelled Mickey.
They went to Merlin's old hut in the Third District.
They found Tifa and Cid tied up the same way Leon and Aerith were.
"Same thing happened to you?" asked Leon.
"Yeah... Heartless were everywhere, we weren't a match for them" said Cid.
"So Yuffie and Cloud are the only one's left, we gotta find them!" said Tifa.
When they left the cave where the hut was Heartless came out of no where and attacked them.
Sora defeated almost everyone of them.
They headed for the abandoned house in the Third District and they found the rest of their friends.
"Maleficent, she snuck up on us, we were no match for her, if we didn't give up we would've died" said Cloud.
"Okay, Maleficent has gone too far this time, come on we gotta save the townsfolk!" said Sora.
Sora went to the First District, Donald and Goofy went to the Second District, Leon and Mickey stayed in the Third District and the rest went to the other Districts.
They saved them all, now they just had to find The Lost Keyhole, but where could it be?
They hunted everywhere but they couldn't find it.
"Well, it looks like this isn't the right place"
"Darn it!" said Sora.
"Hey is that another box?" asked Mickey.
"I believe it is"
Mickey opened the box and pulled out the letter inside.
Congrats! You've found the next letter, as you may know by now this is not the place to look for the Keyhole, I'll give you a hint if you find the next letter.
"Oh great, now we have to find another letter" said Sora.
"Is there anything we can do to help?" asked Cloud.
"You guys have a Gummi Ship right?" asked Sora.
"Well you can tag along if you want"
"Okay, where to now?" asked Leon.
"Well the next world I could think of is Twilight Town, I think Roxas will be happy to see it again" said Sora.
"Alright, Twilght Town it is" replied Mickey.
They went to their Gummi Ships and were ready to go to Twilight Town.

I hope you guys liked that chapter, I made it longer as you can see.

See ya,

S/R/K out!XD


Dec 22, 2008
I am glad you like it.

And I will not tell you who's leaving them letters but all I'll say is that it's someone they know.


Sounds very interesting, I sort of like this fic from where it is going.


Dec 22, 2008
Thanks Ziz. I know it must be good when you think it's good 'cause you're like the master of fanfics, lol.


Thanks Ziz. I know it must be good when you think it's good 'cause you're like the master of fanfics, lol.

Can you space out the sentences, it is a bit difficult for me to read when it's soo crunched together.

Thank you for the compliment, I'm no Audo or Rain yet.


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Feb 4, 2009
nice idea you've got going on
i like, i like
i do suggest you add a smidge more detail though, unless this is your style of writing
honestly i don't mind =)
i agree with Ziz though, since it isn't spaced out it seems like a big cluster that seems to hurt my eyes lol


Dec 22, 2008
Chapter 6!

Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keyhole
Chapter 6:

Queen Minnie had gone to the Library to get some books that Terra needed, she went to the king's computer room to give them to him.
"Here's the books Terra"
"Thanks your majesty"
"What are in these books Terra?"
"They're codes, I've got a feeling they'll help us find The Lost Keyhole"

Minnie walked off and joined Kairi in the Courtyard.
Kairi was laying down and looking at the sky as it was the only thing there that wasn't covered in darkness.
"Whatcha doing?" asked the queen.
Kairi jumped up and said "Nothing your majesty"
"You're thinking about Sora aren't you?"
"Yeah.... I'm worried about him, for some reason I feel like he's going to die if I'm not there with him"
"Don't think that!" yelled the queen.
"Sora has been through a lot, I'm sure he can handle himself"

Sora looked at the window, he was crying as he was thinking about Riku and what happened back in Monstro.
"You gotta let that stuff go Sora, Riku will be fine" said Donald.
"I know but it's just... I miss him and I don't want anything to happen to him"
"Sora, he will be fine, trust me, just focus on the mission"
"We're here!" yelled the king.
"Is Leon and the gang here yet?" asked Goofy.
"Yes they will be landing on the other side of the world"
"We'll need to see Master Yen Sid first before we go any further, Leon and the rest will meet us there" said the king.

"Land already Squall!" yelled Yuffie.
"For the last time it's Leon, darn it!" said Leon.
"Shut up, you are acting like children!" yelled Cloud.
They landed right in the middle Yen Sid's yard.
Leon and Cloud headed inside as Leon told the rest to wait for Sora and the king.
Right when the two went in Heartless attacked them but they were no match for Leon and Cloud.

"Darn it!" yelled Terra.
"Why won't it work?"
"What's wrong?" asked Kairi.
"It's the codes, none of them make sense"
"What do you mean?"
"It says the Keyhole is in a world that was destroyed 112 years ago, these codes were written 93 years ago" said Terra.
"Maybe it wasn't destroyed" said a voice coming from where Kairi was.
Namine walked out of Kairi's body and started to talk to Terra.
"It couldn't have been, I watched it get destroyed when I was trying to land there" said Terra.
"That doesn't make sense, when the Organization made me work for them they took me there, that was one year ago" said Namine.
"Wha-what?" asked Terra who started to tremble.

Cloud and Leon reached the top floor where Master Yen Sid was.
"Master Yen Sid, it's an honor to be in your presence" said Leon.
"I sense the king sent you, how is he?" asked Yen Sid.
"He's fine, he's coming here with the Keyblade wielder" replied Leon.
Mickey and Sora arrived.
"Keyblade wielder's. What is it that you seek?" asked the wizard.
"It's The Lost Keyhole, Maleficent has taken over my castle and if she finds the Keyhole she will rule all of the worlds so we're trying to find it before her, do you know where it is?" asked the king.
"I am sorry, I do not know where it is" replied Yen Sid.
Sora, Mickey, Cloud, and Leon all sighed with depression.
"Okay, thank you master" said Sora.
"We'll keep looking"
"Now that's the spirit, you will find the Keyhole in no time if you just focus" said Yen Sid.
"Okay, see ya!" and they went off.

Okay tell me what you think.


Dec 22, 2008
I am really glad you like it!

And call me S/R/K TwilightRiku_13
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Dec 22, 2008
I've got a surprise for ya'll, Chapter 7!

Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keyhole
Chapter 7:

Terra hunted through the Library for something that would tell him about the world he thought was destroyed.
He ripped books off of the shelves, he was acting like he was possesed.
"Terra, stop it! Now!" yelled Queen Minnie.
Terra looked at the queen and said "I'm sorry your majesty, I wasn't feeling myself right then, I felt like someone had taken over my body, it was weird" said Terra.
"It is okay"
Terra bent over and started to pick up the books, one of the books was entitled Keyholes, And Where To Find Them.
Terra opened the book and a piece paper flew out.
He picked up the paper and read it.
"Look at this your majesty"
The Lost Keyhole is lost because it was in a world that disappeared, there are rumors that this world still exists but nobody has found proof.
The world was called "The Land of Keys".
"The Land of Keys" was a world that only Keyblade Masters could enter. The world was most famous for having thousands of Keyblades stuck in the ground where any of the masters could take one.
The Keyblades make roads for the masters to travel.
These are called "The Crossroads"
"The Crossroads" lead to The Lost Keyhole.
"Oh my God, that's the world I was taken over by Xehanort at" said Terra.
"The king knows where to find it, but like I said, it's been destroyed"

Sora and the king walked out of Master Yen Sid's castle.
"Well that was a bust" said Sora as Leon and Cloud came running out of the building to catch up with them.
"Don't say that Sora, like Yen Sid said, we just gotta keep looking and we'll eventually find it"
"Okay" said Sora with a smile.
They headed to town as Yuffie, Tifa, Aerith, Donald, and Goofy joined them.
"Roxas, would you like to see your home again?" asked Sora.
Roxas walked out of the body of Sora and looked around, he started to cry.
"I'm... home" said Roxas.
"Hayner? Pence? Olette? Where are you?" asked Roxas.
"Roxas don't you remember that they never met you in the real world, only the one that Ansem made?" asked Sora.
"Yeah..." said Roxas who kept on crying.
Roxas went back into the body of Sora.
When he went back, Sora started crying.
"Stop crying Roxas, it's affecting me" said Sora.
"Stop fooling around!" yelled Donald.
"We're on a mission"

"So where do you think we should-" Sora was interrupted as Mickey's intercom rang.
It was Terra.
"Your majesty, it's really nice to hear your voice again" said Terra.
"Same here. What's up?"
"Okay, I'm here at the castle with your wife and Sora's friend and I've been doing some research and I know where the Keyhole is"
"Where is it?"
"The Land of Keys"
"It was destroyed"
"Actually no. Kairi's Nobody, Namine said she was there when she was working for the Organization"
"What? How? You were there when it was destroyed.
"I know, but I'm thinking it wasn't The Land of Keys, It wasn't in the same area"
"Okay, we're coming to the castle" said the king.
"We'll be waiting for you" replied Terra.
"Okay, we're heading back to the castle, Terra knows where the Keyhole is" said Mickey.
"Who's Terra your majesty?" asked Sora.
"He's the reason you're one of the Keyblade wielder's"

I hope you liked it.:lol:


Oh shit! Crossroads! Another awesome chapter....XEEEEEEHAAAANORT


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Awesome chapter yet again, S/R/K. I really like where this is going, and I am glad that Sora is going to meet Terra. Couple of questions though. One, when are you going to bring up Riku again, and two, when are you goingto bring up the letters? I really want to know who is leaving them. Anyway, great job again, and I look forward to more.
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