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The Marked (RP Thread)

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Jul 21, 2008
Capell raised an eye brow as a fellow AotSA member fumbled trying to grab Jack. "Uhhhh. What are you doing? I've already got him man..." He pulled out a pair of hand cuffs. "Go help my partner why don't you? He's fighting the weirdo with the boomerangs." He turned back to Jack, telling him to turn around. After putting him in a pair of hand cuffs he pushed him towards a squad car. He opened the door and put him in. "Take him to the station, I'll be right behind you." He told a police officer. "And why should I take orders from you, freak!?" Capell sighed out of annoyance, he just had to find the most obnoxious officer in the city didn't he? "How about if you don't I turn your car into scrap metal!?" The officer jumped back in surprise. "Y-yes sir." "That's what I thought." Capell hurried to his motorcycle and turned it on. He got behind the car with Jack in it, getting ready to follow them.

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Mar 31, 2008
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Honolulu, Hawaii
Control Room

The plan set into motion, and Morte’s revenge had finally entered the stage where it could begin. His ultimate goal has yet to be reached. But this is only the beginning. For everybody will know of his existence. If the global announcement of his being didn’t attract the required attention, then surely his next move would do just that. His next move however, would be a tricky one indeed. Due to the information he has gathered, there seems to be quite a mile-range from Honolulu and New York City. And if Morte is correct, the mass-murderer known as Jack could help his entire being become known throughout the world, and feared by all.

“Whoever thought the broadcast was something to fear; well they got another thing coming.” Morte began to speak to himself, planning out each step. Deciding on what he will do from now, and how he would plan out each step. As it is shown in every game of chess, there is a consequence for each move you make. However, for Morte, this is not a game of chess, but more like a game of life and death. If he makes the wrong move, then it is game over for him, and the AoTsa would have their victory over him. That is something Morte will not have, no matter what.

((Some Provided Music: YouTube - Bleach OST #11 - Requiem for the Lost Ones))
Honolulu, Hawaii
International Airport

Strange enough. Indeed, very strange. Morte has found himself traveling to a semi-abandoned airport, possibly ten or fifteen civilians reside here. Waiting, just sitting and waiting for either the next flight to leave or take off. Surely, they don’t expect anything upon Morte’s arrival at the airport. The TV was turned off, and the entire airport was basically a ghost town. However, there was one person. One unique individual who recognized Morte from the television. It is in fact that the same person that seems to know the appearance of Morte, was one of the people he thought he killed.

The man spoke to morte in unkind tones.

This didn’t bring any sign of anger or displeasement to Morte. Instead, he just gave the man a blank look, held up his hand, and gently rested it upon the gentleman’s shoulder. Morte looked at him, and began to hum a dirge. It was to the tune that this guy was about to die. It could of meant many things, but Morte is known to do that on occasions. And this one was one of those occasions. It was just a second later that Morte’s hand began to suck the life out of him. And in a matter of three seconds, the man fell to the floor. This immediately caused a comotion in the airport. Screams of frantic behavior took over the sounds of the place.

It was like music to his ears. The way the screams began to overtake the very sounds of the planes themselves, it was like a romantic melody playing over and over again in Morte’s head. It was like the best sounds he could hear in his entire life time. The screams of the innocent brought Morte such joy. But this was not the main concern he came there to establish. It was to make his presense known, and basically to show that he is not fibbing about the global announcement he made not too long ago.

So now with a video camera, and lots of things to say, Morte flipped it on, which could be viewed on any news channel.

“Evening everyone, I am back to deliver one final announcement to the world. What I said before, do not consider it a lie? Do not consider my words a bluff. Every word I spoke, is the truth. I do plan to make everyone pay. But let’s not dwell in the past, it is about the future and the here & now. “ Morte said, coming to a breif pause. He turned the camera to the innocent civilians who were screaming in fright. Then he began to continue speaking.

So to focus on that, I shall present one important fact. In the next three hours, I shall be providing live entertainment for your viewing pleasure. It will be a live event of non-stop killing. A lucky two-hundred will be slaughtered, adult or not.” Morte said, finishing. He turned the camera on, and started the mass-murder of civilians on global, live TV.

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