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  • hey bro, just thought I'd let you know, you're avatar will turn out a hell of a lot better if you save it as a .gif file, or if you just link directly to my photobucket. The image will look crisper, and you'll get a transparent background as well.
    We had already known that before you posted, I just didn't realize there was one with sound.
    Quit whining.
    Woah man chill out. This is the internet, its not like it matters. I just got the impression that you were lying, holy shit. :/
    And uh, threats over the internet never do you any good.
    Okay thank you, maybe there is still hope then since the staff guy or whoever said there was more to be revealed then what the trailer showed. Thanks.
    just to be very clear, i really dislike the f word. i highly suggest you not say that word to me ever again.

    anyways, i agree that it has a nice design (not including the blade). i didnt say that you said you were smarter, i said you were 'acting' like you were smarter.

    i'm on the same boat as everyone else.
    dont act like your smarter than everyone. especially when no one is agreeing with you.

    i doubt anyone will understand you. your basically implying at this point you're not really trying to explain what you mean.
    that last comment was really "out there". made no sense.

    imagination go wild over simplicity? simplicity is one thing, but it does not trump the other styles the keyblade has had.

    i agree with master and lonbilly, it's good, just doesnt trump the other keyblades.
    I would, yeah. KKK have comical value. It's ironic because you go on about "this is America, fucking retards"; i.e. a country where grammatically correct English is used, and then you continue to say "TERRA HAIR IS BROWN IF YOU CAN'T FUCKING FIND THAT OUT." Hence the irony, see?
    AHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's so funny that you take it seriously. I'm French. I'm automatically not worthy of the KKK. Your sig is ironic because you're talking about "this being America" and calling everyone "fucking retards" and then you proceed with "Terra hair is brown if you can't fucking find that out." That's the irony.
    Everyone's stubborn, deal with it. I'm clearly female. Anyway, what I wanted to say was how ironic your signature is.
    I'm a chick, aaand I really couldn't give a shit. I'm FUBAR because I don't watch Family Guy? What great logic you have. </sarcasm>
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