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    Is choosing the dream rod meant to make you crap?

    i guess it just depends on how you play the game. i havent chosen it cause i like killin things with my key
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    Item Shopping

    I'm in the market for the big guys, so if any of you can buy a Light and Twilght Oblivion and Oathkeeper, Dark Sword of Ansem and Neo Claws, PM me or post your prices here.
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    What combination are you

    i pick the shield and get rid of the sword...ur str and def stats start out even then
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    4 im pretty sure how many blue trinities r there?
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    What Castle is this?

    the one he sees in DJ is Hollow Bastion so thats prolly it
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    Light Oblivion & Oathkeeper

    Can someone please buy me one and i will pay 750k for it (or wot u want).
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    How long with a boss battle

    Kurt Zisa...but if it wasnt an optional boss then Malificent Dragon
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    sora & kairi

    they both luv each otherand thats the end of that chapter
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    help me plz plz plz

    well did u beat him yet?
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    whats chernabog

    hes not hard to miss (if we're talkin about chernabog) hes that big gargoyle thing stuck in a volcano thingy
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    Fav. keyblade

    Lion Heart
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    HELP! Pretty stones

    yeah u sell them at stores for a bit of munny
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    The Score

    just for fun and trainin i guess
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    Too few accessory slots ?

    hopefully...it would be helpful