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Recent content by Castaras

  1. Castaras

    Dandelion movie?

    Yes everyone is waiting for the big 3, i am too xD BUT. Since we got a cutscene movie with the foretellers, would you like to see The Dandelions get one? maybe add it as a bonus with KH3?? like 2.8 did.
  2. Castaras

    Boss Skip Feature?

    Ok, would you like to see a option to skip a boss battle in KH3 after the third attempt? but still progress the story like in GTA5?? EDIT: I dont mean get rid of boss fights all together, i meant say for instance Demyx, after three tries it gives an option to skip that fight.
  3. Castaras

    Favourite Ship/pairing?

    I know this is a dumb post, but after viewing ships on deviantart, what are your top pairings?
  4. Castaras

    Master Xehanort and Sora

    Since old Master Xehanort is now in the flesh, do you think he will have a lot of interactions with Sora? not just during the final battle?
  5. Castaras

    Who is your favourite Union Leader so far and why?

    Ephemera, Skuld, Ventus, Blaine or Strelitzia ?
  6. Castaras

    What if Namine was a boy and as Ven's nobody?

    What if instead of Namine being a girl and being the nobody of Kairi. What if she was a boy (still with witch like powers) but being Ven's nobody? still looking like himself maybe with different clothing? all white.
  7. Castaras

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    I didn't mention anything about hating Roxas?
  8. Castaras

    What would you like to see in the D23 trailer?

    I would like to see - More game play in a different world (maybe Tangled or Twilight Town - other areas) - Maybe a scene where Riku and mickey are in the RoD , Sora and Aqua outside of CO or Sora face to face with Master Xehanort. - Riku and Kairi's new outfits - Other Disney / Organization...
  9. Castaras

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    I loved her, and still do, I hope she does return in KH3. But my question is why do so many hate her so much? i see some hate art of her on Deviantart just because she's either a Mary-Sue, or she breaks up AkuRoku or RokuNami, which i find ridiculous and childish. I also heared that they...
  10. Castaras

    If Roxas can be brought back by darkness, what about Namine and Xion?

    Would Kairi have to use light to save Namine...what about Xion?
  11. Castaras

    Do you think their names will change?

    Ok, if Roxas (confirmed), Namine and Xion return in 3, and when they become their own people, should their names change too?
  12. Castaras

    What is Terra's Power?

    Ventus can use Wind, Aqua can use Magic, so what is Terra's?
  13. Castaras

    Do you think Vanitas will turn against Xehanort?

    I had this idea for a while now, i can defiantly see Xigbar doing this too. What if Ventus could try and persude to Vanitas that Master Xehanort is only using him
  14. Castaras

    Kairi's Necklace?

    Has anyone noticed how Kairi's necklace has changed it's size since BBS all the way til 2? in BBS it's long, in KH1 its long, now in KH2 its small, and the pearl is smaller, than it is in KH1...
  15. Castaras

    Do have to complete Disney Town in order to move on?

    Im still on Birth By Sleep on ps3. I'm on Ventus' story. Now iv'e completed Snow white, Cinderella, deep space, Hercules and sleeping beauty...I’m stuck on Disney Castle., what do i need to do? do i really need to do all THREE of the mini games to move on? i would like to move on to key...