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Danica Syer
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  • O_O You're back! :D

    I'm doing good. Gonna spend the day doing hw and other miscellaneous things~ How about you?
    Like in the middle of the summer! I decided I needed something that reflected my interests more... xD
    Ahaha, you would think it was the other way around? Which one would you think you are then? I am rather curious as to what you would be! :p
    I see. Well, it seems somewhat lively, so I'm sure people would love to discuss things with you! I'm glad you came back before you said you would, though! <3
    What do you think about KH:3D?

    All the time. Not these past couple of days, but soon! I haven't really been on these past couple of two days, but if I see you online, I'll spam it and hopefully you'll join me. lol

    You spammer, you. ;)
    My mind works faster than my mouth. I would hope so, okay!

    Perhaps, it's because your old friends left themselves? Sometimes one just has to give a shout out to the veterans, you know? :)

    I'm glad. Now I have somewhere to spam to. ;D

    Ahaha, let's spam mine up a little bit, yes? <3
    Ahaha, I was thinking the truth! So, my thoughts where that. >:3

    Hmm, did you leave people in the dust? If not, then people probably knew you where gone. Well close friends at least. ;)

    I just been feeling somewhat bleh the past couple of days. Kinda weird, I just went to the doctors like a week ago. Hmm... :/

    I know how you love FC. <333 It should be like the first one there. It was made like a week ago, so it's somewhat still new.

    I would! I am just too lazy to find it! ;W; Maybe later? ^^
    Fanfic writing. Have many projects coming (writing seasons, rewrites, etc). Working on my KH/FF13-2 storying right now. It's Post KH2 and Kairi is 17 and travels with Serah and Noel. If you have questions, ask the thread.
    xD It's too addicting. <3

    It's a long story to explain. Check it out in the RP section. "Kingdom Hearts: The Road to Oblivion". :3
    Likewise. ;_; It's driving me to newfound levels of laziness. Dx

    I'm in an RP that I'm loving~! :D
    Ohh, of course! You aren't forgettable in the very least! What are you thinking? xD

    I mean you weren't gone forever. Since August? That's pretty much an eternity for some people on here, so kudos to you, dear. ^^;

    Okay, other than me feeling like crap lately, it's actually better than other times, at least. lol

    Hey, I finally got an fc. You should so join it! We'd love to have you. <333 /shameless promoter
    Dream Drop Distance, I think I meant. the FofKH might clear you up.

    If you mean my Moogle, it's from FFX-2 (Rikku's fairy form for KH2 as well)
    Hey, welcome back. you ran a few clubs here and memeber to the Moogle Army. If you remember me, I'm oathkeeperriku09 and I'm the Rikku!Moogle. So have you kept up with DDD info or still in the dark about it?
    I know! That's what I was talking about, Harry Potter! LOL. I am sorry if I confused you. xDDDDDD Ohh a surprise twist. You must have never seen that coming huh? Well hopefully you're money was worth the movies. HAHA.
    Oh you are writing a novel now? Or have been? Well I understand. Secrecy is a must! :eek:

    Did you get a heatwave too?

    I see. Why can't you? Is this who we discussed on IM awhile ago? Or someone completely different? IM would be especially dandy at this time and place!



    Seems like shortest break ever!!!!!!!!
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