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  • your question marks always make your comments sound so cynical! MAKE IT STOP!
    Good luck with the finals. I remember taking finals and they really suckkkkkkk. I had a good day though today. I got to go out with a couple of friends to go and do some shopping. Even though I didn't have the money to buy much, I still had a great day. I bought my hubby a gift. I know he will love it! Now to hide it until I wrap it and then put it under the tree. I can't believe Christmas is so close. I won't be able to go home for Christmas this year cuz of hubby's job. So new traditions will start this year. :)

    Good luck with the finals! I'm sure you'll do great!
    I don't even lurk. Haha. Other than the staff threads, I only look at the forums where news posts are to update the front page. And occasionally pm or vm.
    Well....duh. XD Isn't it obvious? She's gorgeous <3

    I think the animation was a genius idea because it gave the movie an extra flavor, something different. It shows creativity and the courage to take risks. And it all paid off. Oh yeah, I was never a Harry/Hermione shipper. There were anvil-sized hints throughout the books and the movies regarding Ron/Hermione, I'm surprised that non-readers still expected Harry and Hermione to get together.

    Ugh book purists. Much as I would love to claim that I understand them, I don't. The Harry Potter books are pretty tough to adapt to the big screen. They are pretty hefty volumes with a formula which can get old after two or three movies on the big screen, plus there is so much detail in them that putting everything into a movie script is impossible. Problem is, nobody here gets that. The book readers say that the movies have become steadily worse since the 2nd movie (the last movie which remained completely faithful to the book aside from Deathly Hallows) and the casual viewers claim that most of the movies are boring. It's a lose-lose situation. At least in where I come from. For me, as long as the movies capture the essence of the novel and have the basic plot with all the proper characterisation intact, I'm happy. That's why I was uneasy with the portrayal of Dumbledore in GoF, he was too aggressive, and while I enjoyed HBP, I find it disappointing because the focus of that story was Voldemort's past, not the comedy romance. Phew, I needed to get this off my chest. Could never talk about Harry Potter obsessively in the real world.

    Ya, though I expected Hermione to be all wild when she hits Ron, as portrayed in the novel, though I can't imagine her being completely berserk. And lol @ Ron's love speech. I miss Dobby :( Seeing him push Kreacher away to kiss up to Harry in Grimmauld Place makes up for all the time he's missing in the movies. Bathilda never really frightened me, because I prepared myself for it beforehand. But Hermione finding the blood marks and the flies buzzing in the closet was damn creepy. And I was so hoping Nagini would pop out from Bathilda's neck, but I guess that would have been too graphic. Also notice how eerie it is when Nagini drags Harry into a baby nursery? A creepy throwback to the scene of his parents' deaths.

    I have two stuff to nitpick at in this movie though. Where the freaking hell did the mirror shard come from? That wasn't done well at all. Also, the Invisibility Cloak wasn't shown at all, which I find is a mistake considering its role as a Deathly Hallow. It's not like everybody would remember on the spot that he has the Cloak.
    No no, your avvie is ur property, who am I to decide on what picture you put??? XD I should use Hermione/Emma Watson as an avvie myself, but I'm just too lazy to change it.

    I've watched it. And I'll (hopefully) watch it again!!! It was beautiful. Especially the Three Brothers story. I had chills down my back.This is the only HP movie that actually feels like a MOVIE, not just a companion piece to a book. And the focus on characters!!! I get giddy thinking about it. Notice how they constructed a consistent thread for Hermione, involving the trauma with her parents?? That wasn't a focus in the book, but it is here!!! And the stuff they added in was done purely for the characters, and I LOVED IT!! especially the Harry/hermione dancing scene. GAAAAHHH!!!! *loves loves loves*

    I needed to be around positive HP fans. My friend was grumbling under his breath how they left out Viktor Krum at the wedding or how they ruined Dobby's death because certain lines from the book was cut. So positivity is good. I didn't get to see the Harry/hermione kiss for long though. Stupid censors. They say it's ferocious?
    *GLOMPS* 8D

    You changed your Hermione avvie!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I love her!!! AND YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME!!!! :( Speaking of which, how's Deathly Hallows?
    I don't know if you can actually say that I "joined" the forums if my profile or my post count do the talking. Haha. I saw the job opening and decided to apply. Never got the hang of forums. Hehe.
    like a music production class (sorta), Korean, and i'm randomly gonna take Judo, so that'll be fun lol

    ah sorry for the confusion lol yeah like cousins and all those people. i dont think i'll even see anyone :/ i have grandmothers left, but no grandpas
    it has to work lol i just registered for my classes this morning

    i know how that is, but seeing other family members u havent seen in years is always fun
    Hey! Thanks for the compliment. Although I'm still getting the hang of the updates, and I apologize if they are late sometimes. But I try to do my best. ^^
    well i figured what i wanted to do, too late. Where i am now they dont have alot of stuff and kool classess

    me too! i just want to see my family
    then, parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtay! lol

    yeah, freshie all over again

    haha really? i like the frosting on it xP

    yup, im planning on moving out and going to a diff college
    Well I just meant I go on the yahoo to check if any friends or crap sent me anything. I usually get bored on there unless there is people to talk to. I don't really like updating every five seconds so I miss the point anyways. Go on later if you want. On your IM, we can chat if you want.

    Lol what movie?? I don't think we were talking about movies... Though to the other point just don't look at those things if you don't like it. Even if over exaggeration is a bit funny to me sometimes. Well that's just me anyways. xD

    No I never gone there actually. I would like to go there though. To SF. I would want to see The Golden Gate Bridge! We always say that we are gonna go to Disneyland but we never do. It's like an hour and a half from here I think. Or closer I don't remember plus it also depends on the traffic. You sound like you have high expectations for DisneyWorld huh??
    Haha wow you sound like you are very exclusive. Though yes I understand that you have to get all you other stuff done first. Though sounds like I have to remember when you come on and stuff. lol Well it don't matter I suppose. We can chat whenever you want, so you can whisk me away to yahoo if you prefer. I do check on there frequently to see what new Facebook updates I receive.

    Really?? It can't be that disturbing, but on the other hand I wouldn't rule it out neither. xD As long as they keep it away from you then I think you would be fine. I guess. haha

    Oh that's nice. I was born close to San Fransisco, not entirely but near. Oh yes everybody wants to do that. I use to go every year when I was younger, but I haven't gone when I am older. It's been about eight years since I last went. I was about ten. Though it would be nice to actually sight see whatever there is too see. I've never checked out everything to it's entirety. Yes it would be different for you. You will love the sun and the warmth. It's pretty nice as long as it's not scorching! =D
    lol yeah, im in college now, almost done with my first semester!

    YAY!! i'll be done next friday

    i am doing good now, i just made cinnamon rolls lol
    Yeah I basically save my money whenever I get it. I gotta say I have a nice amount by now. Though it's been uh dwindling over the years. Meh... I didn't come on for a few days so I didn't go on Friday. You need to tell me when you are on so we can chat! I am horribly bored so...

    I don't really mind what they do. They can do whatever they want with those kinds of things. As long as it doesn't go beyond ridiculous. So it's like whatev. haha

    You never been to the west coast?? The weather in Southern California practically stays the same year round. Sun and that's about it. The occasional rain but not that often. lol
    Oh :< I know how you feel, most people that I used to talk to on a daily basis no longer come here.

    College was ok, didn't exactly get into the classes that I wanted to but still, can't expect that on my first year. Didn't get into any of the classes for my major which is Art ;o; but at least I managed to take care of the last math class that I'm required to take. Got a B :3

    And yeah, I still play Kingdom Hearts every once in a while. I got BBS the other day but I've only finished Ven's story so far, I've been really busy lately with school but now that I'm on break, I'll get around to finishing it.

    Life's good, I started going to college this semester. Actually my last day was yesterday and so I'm on my winter break right now. I would've gone to school during winter but apparently the school doesn't have enough money and so I just get to relax for a while.

    How about you?
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