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  • I edited your most recent post in the TWD thread to add spoiler tags. Please remember to add them yourself in the future. :c
    I was so upset when Super Paper Mario on Wii came out. The story was great, but the gameplay was horrible. Similar feelings were had about Sticker Star, but in reverse.

    Eventually they'll run out of "different" ways to use the game.
    I actually don't know.

    I'll probably actually maybe change it some time in the future.

    It's a rap name and partially a J. Cole Easter Egg.
    Oh for sure. If you can't play tomorrow then Sunday perhaps. :>

    I want to play at least one more time before DDD comes out later, because I know once that comes out, no one here is gonna play MK for a long, long time. xDD
    Haha, I bet you do! xD

    Uh, we can play anytime. Like I said, I have a really good list of growing MK players, so all I really have to do is ask you guys. If you want to play on Sunday we can play that too. Or the Wii one, whichever you like. :]
    I guess we could always switch the days around. xD

    I recently also got myself a good list of active MKWii players, so it's really up to you guys when and if you would want to race. ^^
    Hey, I'm planning a get together for MK7 tomorrow! We haven't played in quite awhile. See if you can join us. I recently added a whole bunch of people and I'm hoping they join us. xD

    Keep your eyes open tomorrow. c:
    Definitely! Well, I'll play a little bit first and then play with you. xD Just so I have some idea of the tracks.

    YES! Dearly Beloved was my favorite part. God, I can't imagine doing Mario Kart in 3D. Ever.
    Mario Kart is actually the game I got with my 3DS, lol. I haven't played it yet because I was setting up the 3DS and adding people/playing the KH demo.

    And well, I doubt I'll play the demo much... but it definitely got me really excited for the game. xD
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