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  • No...? o____O I don't even remember when you've been gone, but everything important is available on, you guessed it, the front page.
    Haha, We plan on making a KH3D section so spoiler discussion can go there. :3 Don't be too worried. Most people also hide in other sections so they won't be spoiled of the game.
    Sorry for the delay on the answer! I've been busy!

    The Japanese release date is sometime in March 2012. Not too long from now :3

    Good question. You can probably consider the non-caped armor canon since that is how it is in the game. You can also take that the capes are canon, as well, since they are supposed to be there.

    Yes, it was due to the PSP's technical limitations that they couldn't have the capes.

    So, it can be either way, in my opinion.

    because you're you :v

    and lately you've been trolling and spamming a lot.
    Hey, uh, digimikej, could you please tone it down a little? We got off subject and maybe you should try not to do that again, okay?
    Deviantart. There are 8 of them: the three starters from Kanto + Pikachu, and the three original Eevee evolutions + Eevee. All have been claimed though.
    Send me what you got and ill tell you, one thing is for sure dont make a temp thats over power

    You should join, if you want me to look at your rp character before you post, you should send it to me, threw a pm, and ill tell you if you need to fix anything.
    That roleplay is dead.
    One person said they would join and they never posted a temp.
    And we'd need one roleplayer for every gem, so it's dead
    Everything in general. I have a really short attention span and I also underestimated my remaining work.
    I got terribly distracted this entire morning and afternoon and have an hour to get more hw done before I rush off for night class -__-
    People who appear with a + next to their name indicates that they're on your friends list.
    Disney movies primarily, and some anime that we like :3

    The highlight of this week will be Spirited Away, for Wastewander because he has yet to see it D:
    Seta will be streaming P4A when new episodes are released, and Ethy will be doing Tiger & Bunny because it is one of the best new series this season <3 When we'll be doing that has yet to be decided.
    Er, well it's made by members of the MA for pretty much everyone, and we just post in the foyer when we're streaming every Friday at 12 PM US PST / 3 PM US EST / whatever time it is where you live. Sometimes we stream on the weekend if we're bored.
    I'm no god, dude. I'm just the one who made the club and makes the Mogs :3
    It's pretty much all equality asides from the fact that some of us go the extra mile to do stuff. Like, Ethy and Seta host the livestream, and Mirby (though she totally did it without telling anyone and I get the feeling that certain people outside the MA are bitching about it) made the IRC chat.
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