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  • The roleplaying section isn't the most active section of the forum, and in general most people in all the sections - being in the USA - are getting ready for their end-of-year high school or university exams, and so don't have much extra time to help others they might otherwise like to. Give it a little time, and post a reminder (be it a double post or not) in the thread between the 25th and 30th of May.
    Though I'm not in America, I'm still gearing up for my mid-year exams, so I can't do too terribly much to help right now.
    Yeah, the drought is rather unfortunate. We're working on some editorials to create some discussion, but school, work, and the like have been conflicting.

    Nah, I don't have one, but I'm flattered xD;
    You remember Castle Oblivion in Re:coded, right? On the Destiny Islands floor, you should be able to find that cutscene. Smash all of the blocks in the room before doing anything else, then talk to Selphie. Any answer will be fine, and then click on the light hidden behind the blocks to fight three Shadows. Talk to Wakka, choose any answer, click on the other hidden light and fight more Heartless. After that, Riku should appear and you can get the scene.
    well, i am a complete noob to RPing, and need to learn all the basics. i escpecially want to learn about battles, so who better then the epic battling king?(i check the battles forums alot, you are awesome!)so basically i need to learn....everything,lol. if it helps, im a fast learner.
    Hey, sure. ^_^ Yeah, I don't look at a lot of threads so you'll have to forgive me. So how can I be of service?
    Hi there Digi. Well Aaron isn't actually in a rp besides that one. Not yet anyway. But he's mentioned a lot in 'kingdom hearts the heartless apocolypse'. Since it involves one of the people he trained with (Timmy) so if you like Aaron you'll prob like him as well.
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