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  • i'll try it thank u.

    your going to high school online!? how does that even work? xD

    haha is that a good thing or bad then?

    i.....i have no idea how i feel about that gif xD
    yes though it still takes a while to get through an episode, trying to watch Mushishi took forever.

    xD what are you excited for? haha my resolution is to not worry about one.
    whats your sig btw?
    actually i CAN! i finally got internet i can watch videos with!

    it is awesome i'll probably listen to it a couple times b4 i post this lol.

    how have you been?
    Saw that a little earlier today. RAWs are already out for the special (the entire special is bearing aired at once, I guess).

    Looking forward to "season two" as well.
    i wouldnt know the copyright's took it down already T^T

    GESSO!!!!!!!! where have you been?
    retcon i've played 13 and 13-2 those are okay however unless you wish to buy 13-2 and the announced 13-3 to learn the whole story i'd avoid it.
    to be honest you can just buy whatever you want. ix is really good, xiii is a love or hate game, vi is universally hailed, etc. just look at some videos from the games if you have trouble making up your mind.
    Spoilers are annoying, so I will be careful about that. Although I could run into them even if I am careful. I have done that before -_-
    I really enjoyed Hyouka, so I am very willing to read something similar to it.

    I hope so too. I am kinda missing watching it every week. I watched the ending the moment I saw it was released, and I just did not want it to end haha. Oh yeah? I have not read the novels, so I would not know that. Nice to hear though.
    No problem :) it's 120 X 120. I believe that is the largest size a premium can have, last I checked
    Yeah it does! I have been doing well. Glad to see that.

    I guess I am not looking for anything particular at the moment. Just something I can really get into I guess. Nichijou! I actually just finished watching it a few weeks ago. I loved it! Hmm I do not think I have watched enough anime to get a whole ton of references, but I could try anyway lol. I watched Toradora! last year. It is one of my favorites. I have been kind of wanting to re-watch it, but I want to go through some others before I re-watch anything.
    Now I must research these other anime you have suggested! I enjoy a very broad variety of genres, as long as it is highly entertaining, has a great storyline, or preferably both. I want to start reading more manga too, but I never seem to have the time or I just forget.
    Holy shit, people actually pay attention to my sig, lol. Thanks.

    And yeah, more Fate would be very welcome.
    That...isn't actually that bad. They seemed to get the manic tone that Hyadain had in the original.
    This is just a fandub too isn't it?

    Funny...was thinking that I should rewatch Nichijou at some point.
    you got 4 volumes!? wait how many chapters is that? XD
    lol silver spoon x3

    xD daw fuck is that!? haha

    yeah i read it lol it was the weirdest thing ever XD
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