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Forever Atlas
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  • this what you were looking for?



    decided to throw in a free avatar too xD

    I see, i wondered because in my native language, that is the word which translates to christianity in english.
    What i always wondered atlas, what is the reason that you use the word christendom instead of christianity. I'm just curious.
    > Plus there are even rumors of a price drop coming the PS3's way.

    Any indications about when? I'm planning on buying a PS3 (320GB) within two weeks, but if there are signs that it'll drop down to $300 within a month or something I don't want to be kicking myself :p
    LOL, I love how people mistake you for me.

    Since my name is Atlas and my past username was Forever Lost xD

    It's all good though. :3
    Of course, I respect that. I was simply curious. That would be such a great industry to go into because it combines business with video gaming, which would be perfect for me.
    Hey, I saw your post in Sony and I'm just wondering; do you work for Sony? Because if you have information like that that you can't disclose, I'm assuming you have some sort of direct connection like that.
    Haha, Atlas dude, long time no talk. I used to be Zetsu. Remember, you actually took all my dumb egotistical suggestions in that fanfic way back. So how's life?
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