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  • Wow long time no chat right? :D. Weeeeell, A LOT has happened since our last conversation really, I won't be able to go into detail cause the story is just too long xd. Anyways, after the exams she said she didn't love me anymore so yeah, bummer (to say the least, I was mentally broken)!

    I was down for like 3-4 months, had fights with her because of these feelings that I still had (but we always talked it out), but now we're back cool though. Not dating her or anything, just friends now. I have had a very difficult time though but I pulled myself together and now, I'm back ok n.n
    I'm so sorry, I should have read your template. Sorryyyy. Wait to see if we end up under the same Master.
    I think that sounds good. We can have a love/hate relationship if you want? haha
    Thanks again, I think that's the first time anyone has commented on my RPing before 0.0
    Ugh, I'm such an illiterate.

    Thanks for letting me know, you're in the RP right?
    *is painfully glomped for the second time today*


    It hasn't been that long onee-chan, okay well it has ^^.

    So hi! ^^
    Right now! *glomps*

    Sorry onee-chan, a lot of things happened that involved a virus, a flu, half a rubber chicken, and the word "anthropophagi", yes that is a real word.

    But hi ^^

    Sorry for being AWOL for so long.
    Haha well that's cool. I want to get one myself eventually. I know I could be, but I don't know what to do. You kind of need to be not lazy to do that...

    Yeah you can always leave me a message on my wall or something so we can chat. I'm on there a lot... No joke, more than here.
    Yeah it has... You don't come on no more huh?? Try and come on more! lol

    I've been okay. I been really bored of late... Just sleeping and take vitamins. xD

    Oh hey do you have a Facebook?? I usually go on there much more than on here. I'll give you my email address if you have one okay?? Just type it in and find me! =D
    lol i think XD but i think i've forgotten most :/

    i'm not sure because i don't remember XD teehee~
    ergh >_> and lately EVERYTHING is boring me ;~; but that makes me want it even more :mad:

    :D yeah i can't wait
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