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  • No, this character is from Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. The game isn't out yet so I don't know much about her but she is super cool looking and very mysterious xD

    manga!Kairi is so proactive and I love it. I agree :c The games could have been much better if Kairi had been given more control of her actions. She always seemed like she was being directed by others and even when she finally got the chance to do something of her own, she was pushed to the back again.
    As far as I can tell, it seems like it's really just they're afraid of how the other will act. Stephanie licked Miranda's face for 'payback' but immediately got all nervous and completely forgot her phone, and was holding her hand while we were on the drive back and so on. I think they're more ready than they want to admit.

    True enough, but I can't stand her acting like I'm going to wreck for every litle thing I do.

    Damn right, Mega will take over the world and it will be a Kairi world.

    EXACTLY. It's the same with Cloud when people complain about him being so emo in the movie. You can't go through what either of them did and come out happy at first. It's impossible.

    Magic maybe? Pfft. I wish I knew. Whenever you do, it just fels right. I've been ffooled into thinking I had good chemistry with people and then it turns out it wasn't really true because they were twofaced.
    I can't type it all out in a message here. It'd be better off on something like Skype. Suffice to say. I told her if she doesn't kiss her by this weekend, we are hanging out, and I will get them to kiss or so help me. Then just yell at them "IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME." Basically, after everything that happened tonight, I turned into Shia LaBeouf.

    Not nessecarily scared, just really ridiculously cautious. She gets scared when others drive.

    Yeah! Royal peeps! We are the greatest.

    I'm glad. I've loved Roxas since the start and everyone just hates him because of the angsty and just. No.

    Yeah, maybe so. But I'm not settling any time soon. But Miranda with her whole situation makes me wish there was SOME semblance of a chance out there. I'd give up almost anything to have just the chemistry those two have.
    Lol, you did better at coming up with names than I did xD lol I guess the great thing about organization names is they don't really have to be real names. Hey for two people who are bad at keeping in touch with people, we're doing well!!!
    WELL I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP. BUT IT'S BEEN FORTY HOURS. AND NOW IM ALL WORKED UP AGAIN THANKS TO THOSE TWO. The intensity ramped up to fuckin 9000 and blew past it. Just. Holy shit, so much I turned into Shia LaBeouf.

    Nah, not reckless. She's just easily scared.

    Hell yeah. What does that make Osprey?

    Forreal, I just want Roxas to be happy man. He deserves it.

    I'm glad you at least think that much. So many don't, just willing to settle.
    Wait, you mean you can name the summon? I already lost the old man in my party, and I quit the game now. You can maybe catch up...
    I haven't reached the Eidolon O.O You're ahead of me... xD Anyway, I'm on the PC now and I'll get on in a minute.

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