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    2nd Amendment: Right to Arms.

    Disscusion on the 2nd amendment as there seems to be a lot in another thread. So bring it over here.
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    Any more Org 13 Secrets? *Spoilers*

    OK with BBS over, whats left to know about organization 13. It showed us the apprentices and how they were before the change. And we saw Yound Axel and Saix, showing the bond between them when they were younger. Finally we know about Xemnas' creation, Xion's truth and so forth. So whats left...
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    Nobodies and Suicide. . . "The Easy Way Out"

    They wanted to be there own person, not the old person.
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    What's the big problem with KH2 plot wise

    Was hard to follow with Roxas being the 13th member of ORganization 13. I just didnt understand them till way late game.
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    Help/Support ► Stay or New

    I love Chibi Death. It makes me laugh and smile. its actually one of the main reasons I like you.
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    Same. Once I broke 100 on my first try, I got bored.
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    If Jesse McCartney Doesn't Voice Ventus...

    Yeah, but this thread still seems stupid and useless. Just spam.
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    how long did it take u to beat it?

    Yeah with the claws all over the place.
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    how long did it take u to beat it?

    Never beat it lol. Got stuck on the grave thing in halloween town.
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    KHII FM ruined it.

    He was using Roxas' keyblades. Since Roxas is his nobody he is able to weild them as well.
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    Help/Support ► Haha, Girls suck sometimes

    I'd stay out of the cross-fire.
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    I always said Mar-lucks-ee-a
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    Help/Support ► I'm internally conflicted

    As my Dad always tells me. " Steve, don't visit my grave, cause i'm not there." What did he believe in?
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    A One Piece RP?

    Since I havn't seen one here and there seems to be lots of RPs with diferent anime, why not do a One PIece RP? I'm just throwing this idea into the air btw.
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    Zexion's Death Scene Questions

    He also did it because Saix want Zexion dead so he could rank up.