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  • Hello.

    I looked through all of your tags. There amazing and beautiful looking. I like quite a few of them xD I really like your style, Reflection.
    Just popping in now and then xD
    You still seem to be active on here though! How have you been? Have you finished school yet?

    I'm doing very well, thanks :D I travelled a bit since it's summer holidays and I'll finish uni next year in spring. Life's been pretty exciting for me the past years :) How about you? Does anyone ever call you Reffles anymore, btw? xD
    Hiiii new friend
    I heard you like cats

    That's nice :]

    Oh. I joined khi for the fanfiction section. It wasn't untill later I poked into the other sections.
    ummmmmmmmmmmmm idk...............just...............hangin out i guess.......... why the fuck do you always ask me such difficult questions
    Yeah, leaving would be that much more difficult to do. I think the only way to really counter that is by disappearing without warning. It does have a lot of faults though. Course there are a select few, who have the will power to say goodbye. But I think saying goodbye for good, makes things sadder and harder to leave. I have a few close friends here that pretty much keep me from going anywhere. So I sort of know what it's like for you.
    I'm surprised your dating someone here! Are you faraway from someone your dating? -just curious-

    That we do. Wishes the very same thing :]

    Was it making tags or kh news that made you join khinsider?
    rofl, okay, but then get right on iiiiitt what are you waiting fooorr?

    yeah i hadn't seen it either until earlier this year when a friend told me to see it, and so im almost done. although technically there is another season but they're comic books, i never even knew they did things like that until they did with smallville which i use to see. you still working?
    ahahahaha, it's okay, i mean its cool if you finish or don't. I love the show but everyone likes different things and lol you can take your time, no rush.

    not muuuchhh, just watching buffy (im on season 7) and just painfully waiting for school to start. what about you? :>
    It amazes me that members such as yourselves have stayed this long or longer.
    Thank you for giving me links to check out both your old and new tags. Will enjoy going through them.

    To be honest I love art. Especially drawings and tags. I like the creativity that goes into them. I can draw but nothing compared to some of the members here.
    Wow, that's really cool that you made tags and stuff since 07! You've been here for quite awhile then. I'll have to check out some of your work sometime.

    Oh so that's who it is. Melody is really cute btw.
    Yup! I've only met her once but she really is kind :] do you make tags Reflection? Also really like your avie. The bunny is from Hello Kitty right?

    Your welcome ;)
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