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  • Hmmmmm.

    Should it mean anything or should I just come up with whatever?
    Hey thanks for the info, very helpful indeed! Also don't worry about it, like I said in the OOC thread I actually quite like this mission and don't have a problem with you taking the initiative on this at all.
    im REALLY glad I decided to do the bro-fist thing its helped me to make a ton of new friends here. So eventually my sig. will get full & im thinking about making a Bro-fist fanclub! If I did so would you join?
    Thank you good sir (or madam) your name shall be promptly aded to the list, in my attempt to get to know the KHI community, may I ask you what your nterests are
    BTW, it's your turn to post. Sorry to pester you, but we haven't heard from you in a while. ^_^
    Ok, cool. And, as we agreed, you have PP permission to use Gear during.

    Cool. Can't wait. I was kind of hoping the fight would end soon, anyway. The quality of my writing (In my opinion) tends to get weaker whn i'm doing battle scenes..... :)
    Sorry for pestering you, but it's your turn to post in the fight. Also, Abhorsen has called a "Role Call" by Friday, probably to see who is still planning to post. I'm not sure, but they may boot out anybody who doesn't attend the Role Call. Just letting you know so you aren't left behind.
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